International Pillow Fight Day

If you want to smile and have fun, then just don’t miss International Pillow fight day which is held on Saturday 6th April at Trafalgar Square in London. Thousands of people battered each other until feathers flew in Trafalgar Square from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. Bring all your friends because this is going to become a wonderful memory for you that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.



The fight starts at 3.00 pm and goes until your arms are too exhausted to continue. It is great fun and joy that you can have on a city square .It happens in hundreds of cities around the world and London is just one of more than 100 cities around the world to take part in this event. It is a great way to have fun and relieve your stress.

There are only two rules to be followed to take part in this event.

  • Don’t hit anyone with a camera
  • Don’t hit anyone without a Pillow

So come and take part in this unique event and its thrill.

Don’t hit anyone with a camera and don’t hit anyone without a pillow…

London was just one of more than 100 cities around the world to take part in the event.

Christchurch a Beautiful City and a Gateway to Canterbury

Christchurch a beautiful city is gateway to Canterbury region and if you are heading to the South Island of New Zealand, then make a plan and definitely spend few days in the city. Christchurch is Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities to visit in 2013. The city has a unique location at the confluence of rivers Stour and Avon and on the shores of its own has a spectacular natural harbour which makes it a perfect destination to feel relax and unwind. The city has a diverse mix of fascinating heritage, beautiful coastline and a countryside which is festooned with amazing array of attractions makes it a worth visit destinations in the world and provide all the ingredients to make your holidays extra special. So if you are looking to fly to Christchurch then probably you have selected one of the best and most beautiful city with great range of quality assessed holiday accommodations, fantastic places to eat, and drink, wealth of thing to do and explore and to take part in wide variety of fairs, festivals and events which makes it a year round destination where there is something that suits everybody.

Let’s explore few facts about city which offer you lots of opportunities to enjoy your holidays.

Historical charms

The city of Christchurch is alive with color and art and is decked with various places of great historical charm. If you are a keen observer of history then you must enjoy the fantastic array of art such as painting, music, literature, film etc that may range from Maori history to modern contemporary art. Christchurch Art Gallery, The Giant’s House, Fisher’s Fine Arts are some of the renowned art galleries of city.

Art and culture

Fine art, music, theatre, dance and films are all celebrated with great passion in the city that offer its visitors a fantastic array of art such as painting, music, literature that may range from Maori history to modern contemporary art. The Christchurch Art gallery is among the most famous art galleries of city which showcases exciting and constantly changing exhibitions. It’s nearby Canterbury Museum which is renowned for its imaginative display of some of the best historical, cultural and natural collections in south Pacific. Be a part of Christchurch Art festival as it is a great way to explore art and culture of city. Theatre buffs are well catered with exciting annual programmes held at Court Theatre.


If you are a little bit adventurous then don’t miss an opportunity to visit the International Antarctic Centre which is fantastic and full of fun for all ages. It is conveniently situated across the Christchurch International Airport. It is an ideal location to feel chill out and experience Antarctica without even stepping a foot on the icy continent. Get ready for a great fun while sliding down the icy slope, brave the wind chill machine to get the experience of exhilarating Antarctic storm. Just 20 minutes from central city of Christchurch or 10 minutes from Airport Willowbank allows you to experience the diverse wildlife and culture of New Zealand followed by a 4 course dinner is a haven amongst the turmoil of city. Don’t miss Christchurch Gondola ride which takes you to the height of 1,500 feet from where you can enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of Pacific Ocean, Banks Peninsula, Christchurch city and South Alps. Who stops you to visit this amazing city Pack your bags and book low fare flights to Christchurch from London and enjoy one of the best holiday trip of your life.

Buzzing markets

If you love shopping then Christchurch offer you plenty of options. Enjoy the buzzing atmosphere in a charming setting at Christchurch Farmer’s market which is held at historic Riccarton House every Saturday morning. Enjoy purchasing fresh vegetables, cheese, fruits alongside superb coffee and goodies to enjoy while you are strolling around. The Sunday Artisan Market which also takes place at the same place between 10 am to 2 pm so get ready for an additional eating stuff and you may also find items of art and craft as well. Akaroa is a beautiful landscape where you can trip for a weekly market which is held on every Saturday morning in spring through autumn. Here you are bound to get hungry perusing the olives, olive oil, nuts, breads, pastries, cheese etc.

New Zealand an island country that geographically comprises two main landmasses North and South Islands is a nation that is young, fresh energetic and a place to enjoy life as it should be. It is a land of great diversity and its people has turned it into a major tourism destination.