Singapore Airline’s A380 to debut in India

Singapore Airline, the flag carrier of Singapore will be the first to fly the Airbus A380 to India. The A380 will start flying to India from 30th May, about seven years after the aircraft made its entry into commercial service. Daily the airline will fly the A380 to Mumbai and New Delhi, replacing the smaller Boeing 777s. Another daily flight will, however continue its operation through B777s.


Overall 14 flights will serve each city every week. With the introduction of Airbus A380, the airline will save on operating costs and the move will also see more capacity reduction on the route. The Mumbai and Delhi Airports have welcomed the Singapore Airlines announcement saying, this was demonstration of world-class facilities at the airport. Currently Singapore Airline and its regional airline Silk Air fly 107 flights to India a week.


Enjoy a fun-filled holiday in a crowded city of Mumbai

Located on the western coast, Mumbai was built on what was once an archipelago of seven islands. It is the capital of Maharashtra and provides shelter to over 20 million people from all corners of world. Mumbai is the financial capital and most populous city in India which is diverse, vibrant and provides umpteen opportunities to realize one’s dreams which represents its true personality. The city is the melting pot of cultures and is the most heavily populated regions in Asia with diverse set of people and their approach to life which provides truly a cosmopolitan atmosphere and draws a number of youths with tinsel dreams which makes Mumbai a global city and a primary center of art, culture and entertainment.

Formerly known as Bombay, the name of city is derived from Hindu goddess Mumbadevi is a global city which is ever-evolving and welcoming and is adorned with wide choices of attractions for tourist because the city has its own intrinsic charm which delight its each visitor whether a foodie , a shopaholic or a history enthusiast. Make a plan to visit it now and for this book low price flight tickets to Mumbai from London and enjoy a fabulous journey full of colors and diversity.

Some amazing things that you can enjoy only in Mumbai includes

An incredible rail network


Spread almost over a 465 kilometers, Mumbai trains are its life line which carry almost seven million passengers in a day and makes Mumbai railways as one of the highest passenger densities in the world. During peak hours, carriages carry three times their maximum capacities, resulting in what the rail company calls a “Super Dense Crush Load”. If you are in Mumbai then do enjoy a ride in local trains of city which is one-of-a-kind experience.

Amazing festivals of Mumbai


Try to be in Mumbai during the time of its amazing festivals which provides you real glimpses of city . Ganesh Chathurti, a 10 day long festival celebrated in mid of September is one such most revered festival, begins with artists creating sculptures of Hindu God Ganesh from miniature hand-held effigies to large versions are placed in homes and in public places an all over Mumbai. On the final day these idols are immersed in nearest body of water has to seen to be believed. Millions of people gather on streets of city along with thousands of trucks loaded with statues accompanied with blasting music, dance and singing is truly spectacular. The whole atmosphere is so full of vibrancy and spirituality that you will cherish it throughout your life. Another crowded festival which is celebrated on large scale in city is Dahi Handi or Krishna Janmashhtami which is celebrated in late August commemorating the birth of Hindu God, Lord Krishna. The festival involves Govindas , forming huge human pyramids with main aim of breaking a clay jar filled with curd and win the prize money. Thousands of young people practice in groups for weeks to win accolades. So make a plan and fly to Mumbai, to enjoy true spirit of city and be a part of these grandeur fiestas which you’ll found nowhere else in the world.

The Mumbai Dabbawallas

Mumbai Dabbawallas

On weekdays you will come across thousands of white-clad dabbawallas which provide lunch to some 175,000 office workers. Each meal is prepared at the worker’s home in the morning and is packed in a tin dabba with a unique mark on it. These are then collected door by door, loaded into trains and upon arrival at V.T. are distributed among dabbawallas for delivery to offices. They charge minimum amount for this service on monthly basis which also includes the picking up the tins after lunch and returning them to their respective kitchens even before the commuters arrive at home themselves. How these illiterate people deliver Tiffin to their respective customers is such an astonishing thing to believe and it can be seen only in Mumbai.