Sri Lanka thrash India to win World T20 title

Sri Lankan supporters can finally smiles as the country has won the 2014 T20 World Cup after defeating India by six wickets in the final. The legends of Sri Lankan team Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene were playing their last game of the shorter format and finished their T20 career on a high. The highly action-packed final was held at Sher-e-Bangla National stadium on 6th of April.


Earlier, the game began 40 minutes late after a sharp shower delayed proceedings. Lasith Malinga won the toss elected to bowl first. India after being put in to bat, score just 130 runs for 4 despite a firing inning from Virat Kohli. In reply to the chase of 131 runs, Sri Lanka lost their opener Kusal Perera early in the inning but their star batsman Sangakkara built steady partnership with first Tillakaratne Dilshan and then Jayawardene, keeping his team’s noses in front. Sangakkara and Thisara Perera finished the match with three boundaries in 18th over, sealing a landmark victory of their country.  Sangakkara remains unbeaten till the end with a great knock of 52 runs while Perera scored 23 off 17 balls.

Sangakkara named Man of the Match while Virat Kohli won the Man of the Tournament honors.

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Singapore Airline’s A380 to debut in India

Singapore Airline, the flag carrier of Singapore will be the first to fly the Airbus A380 to India. The A380 will start flying to India from 30th May, about seven years after the aircraft made its entry into commercial service. Daily the airline will fly the A380 to Mumbai and New Delhi, replacing the smaller Boeing 777s. Another daily flight will, however continue its operation through B777s.


Overall 14 flights will serve each city every week. With the introduction of Airbus A380, the airline will save on operating costs and the move will also see more capacity reduction on the route. The Mumbai and Delhi Airports have welcomed the Singapore Airlines announcement saying, this was demonstration of world-class facilities at the airport. Currently Singapore Airline and its regional airline Silk Air fly 107 flights to India a week.

Real time information of train


When it comes to getting the real time information of any particular train, it was pretty difficult in the old times. In the past, people were used to wait for hours in the stations for their own trains or for receiving their friends or relatives. This was a very irritating thing, which people had to endure anyway. But with the automation of processes in Indian railways, these problems no more exist to haunt people. People no more go to the telephonic inquiry for their problems rather take the help of the website of Indian railways. There are live numbers with which the people still make telephonic inquiries. These numbers are 139 and 131. Through these numbers, it is possible to get the timetable of running trains. The position of the trains can also be known by calling on these numbers.

The different information, which one can get out of the train running status service is:

· Train time table

· Live running status of trains

· Late positioning of trains

· Location of these trains

· Train schedules

· Expected time of arrival and departure.

But at many points, it happens that people are not able to get through to these help lines, and they are in a hurry to know the information. In such a situation, they can take the support of the internet to obtain this piece of simple information. This is the most comfortable, easy, and quick method of getting this information as people are getting straight interaction with the system and do not have to involve any third person.

People get what they want with just one simple click on their computer without wasting any time in travelling down to the distant railway stations and standing in the long queues for many hours. These are all old tales, these days the only thing which matters is the convenience with which this information can be gathered easily.

With the support of this online service, people are able to get the full schedule of train in no time and they do not have to waste many hours of their precious time waiting in the station. All they required to do is to visit the website of Indian railways and submit a few simple details about the train for which the information has to be obtained. These details are about the train number, source and destination station, train name, etc. Once all this information is deposited, the person will be able to get the related information on the real time basis. The position and the time at which the train will be reached on the next station is displayed on the screen of the mobile, which can be of great use for the passengers. So, there is no more hassle in obtaining information. Just taking the help of online media will do the simple job without any kind of difficulty.

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Let’s make a small journey to North America

Many times we are inquired about places that one can go for adventure holidays. One continent which instantly strikes me is North America; the well networked part of America with beautiful landscape can become a favourite of travel enthusiasts. It offers trekking, biking, cycling and surfing opportunities to all those who want something extra from their holiday.

However, when you plan a visit to this wilderness, there is one thing which you must consider. One cannot visit the whole continent in one visit. It is big and is the most progressed country, one would require proper planning and correct choice of countries that one wish to visit. To unearth the beauties of this continent, o

English: Lerwick harbour Taken from the lifebo...

English: Lerwick harbour Taken from the lifeboat pier looking towards the Victoria Pier, Leasks travel agent and the town hall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ne should go in a pattern and may be a consultation with a good travel agent can come to one’s aid.

It is paradise for bikers, who can traverse till Alaska while hugging the wildlife and natural habitation on motorbike. If you consider yourself to be a good rider and can get a high speed trekking bike, then just grab the opportunity and make your small journey to North America. You can either cover this area in one go or make few small journeys to take the pleasure of the country that you are visiting. If you want a life full of enchanting things, sit with your travel agent today and execute an itinerary which can fulfil your dream. If discussed properly, one can make a package which can be of great use and will fit in the pocket as well.

To get proper guidance about tour and travel, one can either reach out to the local travel agent or can take advice from those who are available in your city or country. There are many agents which can make reasonable packages and can make the trip most enjoyable.

When going on an adventure trips, it is better to go with an agent as Small Journeys who specialises in adventure tours all around the world. They have contacts that can make arrangements for lodging and food. These destinations are not even expensive and can be worth trying. In fact they arrange group packages and make your journey very interesting.

It is worth a try to go on expeditions to remote countries of the world and find about their cultural and traditions. This also provides you with an opportunity to mingle and find the uniqueness of the place. This is surely interesting and North America is such a big continent that it offers a lot of variety to tourists. Moreover, Americans love party and enjoyment, so there is no dearth of fun and frolic. With an experienced travel agent, you can find a lot more who can provide with a local guide to go deep into the place.

There is no end to learning and travelling is the best way to do it. With so much to know and find, why restrict you with limited options for holiday, enjoy life with the best things in the world. It is going to be an amazing experience. Thus, find new venues for your life and love the small things that are around you. These could be super exciting when you are closer to nature and there is someone to guide and tell you about it.

Advanced technology for train reservation

A trip to the NSW Rail Transport Museum

A trip to the NSW Rail Transport Museum (Photo credit: john cowper)

Indian Railway is the biggest railway system in the entire Asia. People in this country prefer much to travel by train more than any other mode of transportation. The information handling system of this organization is also vast, which provides a large amount of information to the people asking for it every minute. As the time is passing, the number of people travelling by this mode of transportation is increasing rapidly. There are many new systems introduced by Indian Railways, to offer the best of the class services to passengers. Use of various technologies and their platforms have made it quite comfortable for passengers to make different inquiries, and get the result easily opposite to a lot of troubles one had to go through for such inquiries in the past. This use of technology is the primary driver of increased demand for its services among various classes of passengers.

The need of the new system:

As the number of travelers is growing, the services are getting shortened as compared to this vast demand. Railway stations are not big enough to hold on the large population that need to get information on their reservation, get their ticket booked and various different reasons. For resolving this issue, the railways authority has launched a website through which one can do all this stuff online. People are getting huge relief as they can get their seat booked online, and check for the seat availability about any particular train with the help of the internet. There are other websites also, from you can check the information regarding your train. If you put this phrase in the search engine “railway reservation inquiry seat availability”, number of websites will appear making it easy for you to check.

It does not involve hassle as the old process did. Now people can sit comfortably in their house and book their ticket by online processes by simple steps and few clicks on the computer.

Ease of the ticket booking:

This thing has made everything related to railways easy for the tourists who find this country as a rich place to study ancient culture and great geography. They prefer to travel by trains, which are able to take them to the villages, which are not linked to urban metropolis by airplanes, etc., so these tourists are booking their tickets through internet to visit these distant places.

Before rushing to book a ticket on any train, one needs to check if there are seats available on it. This facility was not there in the old times, and people had to waste a lot of time at the station for their turn on the reservation counter. But now they can just log on to the site and check for availability, and then, book their ticket immediately.

Seat as per choice:

People can also opt for a seat of their choice, and this thing can be done only if the seat is available and has not been booked. If the seat has been already allotted, then, it will not be available for booking and the person will have to choose some other seat.

There are different sections for booking tickets for senior citizens and children under 2.

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Top 5 Most Popular Volunteer Programs in India with no Required Experience

There are many poor, sick, orphans or destitute people around the world who seem to be hopeless in their situation. One of the things that give them hope is the services of volunteers that enable them to go on with life with much strength. Volunteering may just be a simple act of giving your time or services, but to the needy people, it could mean so much more for them.

There are various programs designed to help the different groups of needy people such as the sick, the orphaned children, poor students, families or women. Some of these programs require past experiences or trainings, while others don’t. Whether you are a first-timer or already a frequent volunteer and are looking for volunteer programs in India that do not require specific skills, education or trainings, here are the top five popular options for you.

1. Teaching volunteer programs
One of the top volunteer programs in India is the teaching volunteer programs India, partly because it does not require a person to be a professional teacher to take part in this program. Anybody could sign up regardless of gender and educational background as long as you are fluent in English, because it is the primary subject that you will teach. You may be assigned in primary or secondary school located in major cities or other locations in India. In particular, every year, there are a significant number of volunteers who enlist for Volunteer teaching program Dharamshala.  Dharamshala is a scenic region in India known for its beautiful landscapes.

2. Orphanage Volunteer Programs
The orphanage volunteer program is another program that welcomes volunteers with any educational background. You could be a student, an office worker, a teacher, or anybody who has a passion to care for orphaned children. As long as you are willing to help feed children, wash dishes, or play with children, you are welcome to sign up for this program.

3. Child Care Programs
The childcare program is similar to the orphanage program in that you will be taking care of small children. But they differ because under this program, the children have their own home. You will be taking care of small children who are left in daycare centers by their parents while they are at work. You will assist a professional staff in giving the children basic education, like teaching the alphabet and numbers. You will also help in feeding the children and putting them to sleep during nap time.

4. Women Empowerment India
The women empowerment is especially popular among women volunteers. You could sign up under this program regardless of your education or trainings. In this program, basic tasksmay include assisting in counseling and providing livelihood or computer training to women and empower them to be self-sufficient and more educated.

5. Community Development Program
The community development program which mostly involves construction of community schools or houses for the poor is a program that is open to any volunteer willing to work in construction, such as helping paint buildings, doing masonry works and others.

If you are interested to be part of teaching volunteer programs India or in particular Volunteer teaching program Dharamshala and other programs that do not require any past experience or a specific educational background, you could visit the VolunteeringIndia.

Summer is here and it’s Time to go Sailing

What are you doing for your summer holiday? Many of us are looking forward to some well-deserved time off and the chance to catch up with family and friends. The opportunity to get away from it all couldn’t come soon enough, and with the kids off school now is the perfect time to escape. Plan a sailing vacation for the best summer ever!

If you’ve gone the all-inclusive resort route, you know exactly what it is to have a rather limited vacation experience. Sure, you have everything you need right in front of you but you’re getting charged for every last little thing. Plus, you really can’t go out and enjoy the local area and culture- these trips are normally for people who plan to spend 90% of their time at the resort.

Or perhaps you’re the type to reserve hotel room some place nice and plan to explore the region on your own. This can be great, but also leaves you to fend for yourself in terms of every meal and all sight-seeing ventures. Every morning you’ve got to hit the pavement in search of nourishment, or at least a good cup of coffee!

What’s great about spending time on a boat is that during your days on board you’ll have your accommodations and meal situation sorted out. Sailboats are equipped with comfortable berths for each member in your group. They also have galley kitchens for preparing everything from a light appetizer to accompany your glass of wine to a lavish multi-course meal.

On to the best part, sailing allows you to truly experience the joy of the ocean. How many times have you been approached by salespeople during your holiday, offering you several precious hours on a boat for whale-watching or snorkelling? Now you can have an entire boat for yourself and your family.

Explore picturesque coves, white sand beaches, secluded islands and more- your itinerary is entirely up to you!

If you’re wondering how you can spend your holiday sailing, there are three basic options. Those with sailing experience can go for a bareboat charter, or join in a flotilla holiday. You can also of course enlist the help of a sailing friend or relative to captain the boat. If you don’t know how to sail or prefer to leave it to a professional, you can opt for a crewed charter. This will allow you to sit back and relax as your crew takes care of everything.

Sailing is much more accessible than many people think, and is available in destinations across the globe. The Caribbean, Mediterranean and North America are famous for their sailing adventure options, but you can also go sailing in places like Brazil, Australia, India and Thailand.

Spending their holiday aboard a boat is something your kids or other family members will never forget, and it will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of work and other obligations. If you’re looking for a new travel idea this summer, charter a boat! Check out for the best offers worldwide.