Top Things You Shouldn’t Miss While Travelling in Japan

It is not new for anyone that Japan is a wonderful “Land of Rising Sun”, has an unlimited number of fabulous museums, temples and shrines. It is crammed with high tech innovations and has a great history that all Japanese people really appreciate, strongly follow and respect its traditions. When you fist come in Japan you would like to visit most of famous and interested places that most magazines, websites and tutorials recommend you. But besides museums, gardens, famous sights, shrines and parks there are a bunch of other things that you shouldn’t miss as you can be immersed into the unfamiliar and the new what makes your life experience more colorful and enormous. Let’s take a look at the best things you should really do in Japan.

  1. 1.     Eat an amazing and unusual Japanese food


I guess you have head a lot about Japanese food such as sushi, sake, fish and others. Its traditional food adds Japan a touch of an elemental expression and and unforgettable feeling of originality and delicacy. What really made me astonished is their breakfasts and in the restaurants you have such a feeling you are at home as everybody is welcoming and everything is home-cooking though. Their green been and meatloaf look kind of different. Its traditional breakfast includes a rolled omelet, miso soup, rice, grilled fish, soy beans, dried seaweeds and for sure tea. Don’t you think it is yummy?!J

  1. 2.     Sit on the toilet


Japan is an extremely advanced country in technology and electronics. But Japanese toilets in public places are that what you should try. As we know in public places we never sit on the toilets but in Japan it is worthy to try their robot toilets that offer many services such as a warm seat, bidet feature, fake flushing and a timer. I should notice this kind of toilets is located in many public places, homes and department stores. But concerning old buildings, subway stations, schools you will just find “squat” toilets. They are ordinary equipped with a handle in order to keep your balance.

  1. 3.     Visit incredible pet shops

If you love animals and you want to buy something for your cat or dog, Japanese pet shops and stores are king of amazing to visit. You will find almost everything there for your pets. I find there a slew of animals that I can’t even imagine to see such as monkeys, owls, flying squirrels, wallabies, goats, ducks and many other ones. They have a bunch of exotic animals and other things for puppies, cats, rats, hamsters and etc.

  1. 4.     Take a trip on high-speed bullet trains


Transportation system in Japan is amazing. It is really worthy to take a trip on high-speed bullet train at speeds close to 300 km/h (186mph). It is better to buy a ticket in advance at a ticket agency, travel agent and self-served machines that are located in lots of big stations. A pass is quite convenient and you can just show your pass to the station attendant and you are welcome to make a good trip.

  1. 5.     Go karaoke and enjoy Japanese leisure

Japan is quite known for its great leisure activities. You can visit Smash Hits in Hiroo or Lovenet and sign to a full audience of strangers from a Jacuzzi. You can sign karaoke up to 4 a.m and sleep in the booth until dawn. You can sleep at Starbucks and nobody will tell anything. You can bathe under the stars at an outdoor hot spring. You can find lots of fun at the department stores like batting cages, arcade photo booths and etc. Spending a night in well-known capsule hotels will make you feel like you sleep in a coffin. There are much interesting and surprising in it from a climate control, TV and etc.

You can dip into a hot spring pool at a communal bath. Usually Japanese bath in the evening, but some communal baths are open in the mornings. You shouldn’t worry about taking any washing things as all these things are provided there. It is quite relaxing and a cool way to plunge into Japanese culture.

  1. 6.     Yawp at the spectacular view of Tokyo form 750 feet in the sky


Tokyo is enough immense and fabulous in the evening. You can gaze this incredible view from 750 feet in the sky. It is worthy to spend 20$ for a cocktail and behold night blinking lights that make you show how Tokyo is breathing. It is really meditative and a fantastic feeling.

I feel kind giddy and exited when I talk about voyage Japon. This country gives you big expectations and possibilities that you never try at any other place. It offers you to visit a beautiful Zen garden, go to sumo tournament (the atmosphere is quite energetic and heated there), view Mt. Fuji at a distance or you can even climb the mount if you are so adventurous, visit Tsukiji fish market in the morning (the biggest fish and seafood in the world) and lots of other things.


Choose Chauffeured Transportation Services For Your European Tour

Europe is an amazing place to visit with so much to do and taking a European tour is one of the best ways to see the sights. You have several different options to choose from that can provide you with a great tour but when you really want to see the sights in style, consider using a chauffeured transportation service. They have many different packages to choose from and there are many benefits associated with choosing this service over some of your other options.

Europe 1999

Europe 1999 (Photo credit: Greg_e)

After deciding exactly where you want to go and what sights to see while visiting Europe, call to find out what type of packages are available and you can start making your plans right away. However, when you visit Europe or any other country you never want to take anything for granted. Before you make any arrangements, go over the details of the packages you’re interested in learning more about. It’s important to know exactly what services you’ll receive, so there won’t be any surprises later. Knowing exactly what each package includes will help you make the best decision that will take care of your travel needs.

Why Use a Company like British Airport Transfer Services

When you choose a company like British Airport Transfer Services to give you a guided tour of Europe, you know you’re going to have a good time. Europe is full of world heritage sites, rich cultures and there are many attractions in Europe to see. While seeing some of the finer things in life you might as well enjoy it in comfort and style and that is what you’ll get when you choose one of these packages.

It’s an Excellent Choice for Groups

One of the best ways to tour Europe is with family or a group of friends where you can make memories together that you’ll share forever. You want these memories to be the best possible and when you choose a service that offers private tours, you know you’ll receive the best of everything. The luxury vehicles used to transport your group will be comfortable and relaxing. They also offer transportation for up to seventy people so you can all ride together as you tour Europe.

This way, you can talk about the different things you see while taking photos of each other as you go. Each vehicle is properly maintained so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down or being unsafe to ride in and you’ll always receive professional and friendly service.

Chauffeured transportation services have many benefits that you’re sure to enjoy. You can get the most from this amazing experience and have the best European tour imaginable when you hire a private chauffeur service. There are different packages to choose from so you can pick the one that fits your needs and budget the best. You’re visiting Europe to see the sights and have a good time so you might as well do it style. It will definitely be a trip that you’ll never forget and one you’ll be telling your grandkids about one day.

Brittany Mason enjoys writing about travel and providing readers with tips that can help you get the most from your trips.

Real time information of train


When it comes to getting the real time information of any particular train, it was pretty difficult in the old times. In the past, people were used to wait for hours in the stations for their own trains or for receiving their friends or relatives. This was a very irritating thing, which people had to endure anyway. But with the automation of processes in Indian railways, these problems no more exist to haunt people. People no more go to the telephonic inquiry for their problems rather take the help of the website of Indian railways. There are live numbers with which the people still make telephonic inquiries. These numbers are 139 and 131. Through these numbers, it is possible to get the timetable of running trains. The position of the trains can also be known by calling on these numbers.

The different information, which one can get out of the train running status service is:

· Train time table

· Live running status of trains

· Late positioning of trains

· Location of these trains

· Train schedules

· Expected time of arrival and departure.

But at many points, it happens that people are not able to get through to these help lines, and they are in a hurry to know the information. In such a situation, they can take the support of the internet to obtain this piece of simple information. This is the most comfortable, easy, and quick method of getting this information as people are getting straight interaction with the system and do not have to involve any third person.

People get what they want with just one simple click on their computer without wasting any time in travelling down to the distant railway stations and standing in the long queues for many hours. These are all old tales, these days the only thing which matters is the convenience with which this information can be gathered easily.

With the support of this online service, people are able to get the full schedule of train in no time and they do not have to waste many hours of their precious time waiting in the station. All they required to do is to visit the website of Indian railways and submit a few simple details about the train for which the information has to be obtained. These details are about the train number, source and destination station, train name, etc. Once all this information is deposited, the person will be able to get the related information on the real time basis. The position and the time at which the train will be reached on the next station is displayed on the screen of the mobile, which can be of great use for the passengers. So, there is no more hassle in obtaining information. Just taking the help of online media will do the simple job without any kind of difficulty.

Author’s Bio: The writer of the above article is an analyst who is studying the changing trends in the transportation industry. He is currently working for and share his experiences.

Top Places to Visit for Stargazing

There is just tantalizing and mesmerizing in watching the vastness of the sky with tiny dots of stars and constellation pinning its beauty. While most of us retire for the night or rather settle in nightclubs at night, you might probably missed half of your life if you haven’t checked out these awesome places to stargaze on.

Teidi National Park, Spain

Teidi National Park has just been awarded as the “Starlight Tourist Destination” and the “Starlight Reserve’ due to its dark skies, high altitude and proximity to the Equator. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was awarded by the Starlight Foundation which purpose is to preserve clear skies. This being said, there is a law that places the island to control contamination levels and flight paths to protect the ideal stargazing conditions. Tenerife is also used to hosting “astro tourists” who visit the island for the Starmus Festival. Besides that, Tenerife also features the Teide Observatory is the island’s national park is one of the world’s most advanced astronomical observatories. Teide Observatory is the place where the entire northern hemisphere and part of the southern hemisphere can be seen.


English: Snow covers the astronomy domes at Ch...

English: Snow covers the astronomy domes at Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are visiting Pennsylvania, don’t forget to swing by on this 48-acre park in northern part. This is considered the darkest point east of the Mississippi. The place is so dark that you can see about 10,000 stars with the naked eye. If you want to marvel on the Milky Way, you must visit the Cherry Springs State Park since the Milky Way shines so visibly here it even casts a shadow! This is why it is not surprising for the Cherry Spring State Park to be the twelve International Dark Sky Parks in the world.


Considered as the highlands of the lowlands, The Galloway Forest Park is the only Dark Sky Park in the United Kingdom. Galloway is as dark as a photographer’s dark room which is definitely ideal to spot the aurora borealis.


This International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) measured this private yet beautiful reserve in Africa’s Namib Desert and found the place to have some of the darkest skies. How do you feel about stargazing while lying in your stomach or in your back (your preference) on the safari park while watching the most stunning and glamorous stars? You can enjoy trekking the isolated 600-acre park before stargazing.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Badlands is home of the fossils and ancient mammals once roamed the desolate place in southwestern Dakota. Nowadays, the bison, bighorn sheep and black-footed ferrets treat Badlands as their home. However, besides seeing these animals, you are also in for a treat since this ruggedly remote terrain is also a great place to view the sky. You can spot the 7,500 stars on any night and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Milky Way. You can even chance fly-overs by various satellites including the International Space Station. There is a Night Sky Program that runs on Friday to Monday where the tourists can stay for while to view the sky through their enormous telescopes. Park rangers would even help you identify different constellations and planets. Now, how about that for night trip?


This place is hard not to notice with barely a hint of light pollution from the city of Kaposvar. This sky park nestled in the woodland protection area in southwestern Hungary is arguably the best place to spot zodiac signs in Europe. You can visit the place personally to contest that.

With these lovely and enchanting places to visit at night, who wants to sleep early at night?

Author bio:

This guest post is written by Veronica Barfields, wanderlust, a photographer and a real estate blogger.

Best 5 Destinations for an Educational Tour

Educational tours are important in many ways. Going on an educational tour means much more than simply leaving the school grounds. Educational tours should always have a major educational element, but the impact of educational tours should go much further and give the students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy days away from the classroom. When students and teachers are together outside the classroom, new educational environments and experiences are possible. Students may have the opportunity to observe many things that are not available at school including exotic wild life, rare plants and may be even the stars if the educational tour is to a planetarium. Discussing the educational tour beforehand helps because students will know what they will experience during their time away from school.

Beijing subway

Beijing subway (Photo credit: doubleaf)

  1. The Great Wall of China, Badaling Section: Located approximately 80 kilometers (about 50 miles) northwest of Beijing, the Badaling Section is one of the most visited spots of the Great Wall. This portion of the wall was built with a military outpost during the Ming dynasty because the location was considered strategically important in ancient times. Beibalou, 1015 meters above sea level.
  2. Forbidden City:  Experience and learn about the glory and power of ancient China by visiting the Forbidden City. Situated in the middle of Beijing, it was the imperial palace for ruling families from the Ming dynasty up to the Qing dynasty for nearly 500 years. Here, one gets to see the palatial architectural style of the Chinese, which is said to have influenced East Asian architectural developments. In 1987, UNESCO declared the palace a World Heritage Site since it had the world’s largest collection of ancient wooden structures.
  3. American Museum of National History:  Apart from boasting being the celebrated real life set for the Night at the Museum movies, this establishment is home to an impressive array of exhibits from the Hall of Meteorites to gigantic fossilized dinosaurs!
  4. Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center: Children and even adults will fall in love with science and technology, thanks to this 3000 square meter discovery center that boasts of hands-on exhibits and state of the art equipment. The place abounds with interactive learning tools that will entice visitors to learn about robotics, the solar system, the human body, marine life, and other science concepts. Among its many attractions are the Grossology Exhibit, the Virtual Reef, and the 3D 158-seater Digistar Planetarium.
  5. Statue of Liberty:  New York is constantly changing, offering new reasons to visit even if you have been there before. In 2014, there are some poignant reasons to add New York City to your travel plans. One year after the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy, both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are once again open to visitors. There are still exhibits at Ellis Island that are being repaired, but most of the museum is open.

The primary objective and intention of our schools is to awaken intelligence in educators and students. Educational trips that form part of the school curriculum are very valuable as they provide the students the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit.

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A Holiday in Mildura – As Sweet as the Wine

If you are planning a vacation to Southern Australia, you will be abundantly gratified if you include the quaint city of Mildura as part of your journey. You can select from a variety of vehicles at the airport car rental. Choose a luxury sedan, passenger car, Ute, truck, 4 x 4, camper, full-sized or mini-van, and either drive to Mildura from Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney, or you can land in the local Mildura airport and utilize one of the local car hire facilities.

Mildura is a land of ancient history, art, crafts, music, festivals, river-romping activities, native and cultured botanical gardens, and most of all great food and wine. You can tour the Mildura Regional Art Gallery, which displays works of the local artisans and crafts-people, and is home to a permanent display of the celebrated Anglo-Irish artist Sir William Orpen. The gallery is connected to the historic and stately Rio Vista family estate of William B. Chaffey, who developed the irrigation system for Mildura in the late 1800s.

Take your choice of lodging in luxury at the Grand Hotel in the Feastreet town square, or you can opt for a luxurious or rustic houseboat on the massive Murray River where paddleboats offer cruises; dining; night time music, and dancing entertainment.

Mildura is also home to the famous “slow-food movement” chef Stefano de Pieri, and a meal at his sumptuous Italian restaurant in the cellar of the Grand Hotel is a must-have experience. His celebrated dishes are crea

Lock 11, Mildura.

Lock 11, Mildura. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ted with locally grown produce, and the wine that he serves is produced in the local wineries, which abound in this fertile food bowl of Australia.

Mildura is surrounded by breweries and wineries that offer sampling tours of the fruits of their expansive orchards that include Sauvignon, Cabernet, Mataro, Gordo, and Shiraz wine grapes. This fertile city is also surrounded by groves of citrus, almonds, pistachios, olives, carrots, and asparagus, which supply all of the savory restaurants in town.

If you opt for an all-wheel-drive 4 x 4 at the car rental, you can zoom to the Mungo National Park, home of 50,000 year old sacred Aboriginal burial grounds, and the astoundingly beautiful red-earthen “Walls of China” ancient sand dunes. You’ll see red kangaroos, pink cockatoos, and may be lucky to spy bearded dragons and echidnas among the native fauna of this historical habitat.

If you are really feeling adventurous, and your visit is in late summer, your 4 x 4 can wind down gravel roads that lead to the Pink Lakes, which are richly tainted in heavenly hues of lavender-rose by the excretions of unique algae during the seasonal change.

If you would rather spend the day frolicking in the river, you can go canoeing or kayaking. You can also choose to cruise on one of the paddleboats, or chartered houseboats, and watch waterski races while savoring that fabulous local fine wine.
There are gorgeous gardens, both native and cultured to stroll, boutiques and galleries to shop and to wander, restaurants abounding with astounding flavors and wines, so, what would you do with the freedom to roam Mildura?

Let’s make a small journey to North America

Many times we are inquired about places that one can go for adventure holidays. One continent which instantly strikes me is North America; the well networked part of America with beautiful landscape can become a favourite of travel enthusiasts. It offers trekking, biking, cycling and surfing opportunities to all those who want something extra from their holiday.

However, when you plan a visit to this wilderness, there is one thing which you must consider. One cannot visit the whole continent in one visit. It is big and is the most progressed country, one would require proper planning and correct choice of countries that one wish to visit. To unearth the beauties of this continent, o

English: Lerwick harbour Taken from the lifebo...

English: Lerwick harbour Taken from the lifeboat pier looking towards the Victoria Pier, Leasks travel agent and the town hall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ne should go in a pattern and may be a consultation with a good travel agent can come to one’s aid.

It is paradise for bikers, who can traverse till Alaska while hugging the wildlife and natural habitation on motorbike. If you consider yourself to be a good rider and can get a high speed trekking bike, then just grab the opportunity and make your small journey to North America. You can either cover this area in one go or make few small journeys to take the pleasure of the country that you are visiting. If you want a life full of enchanting things, sit with your travel agent today and execute an itinerary which can fulfil your dream. If discussed properly, one can make a package which can be of great use and will fit in the pocket as well.

To get proper guidance about tour and travel, one can either reach out to the local travel agent or can take advice from those who are available in your city or country. There are many agents which can make reasonable packages and can make the trip most enjoyable.

When going on an adventure trips, it is better to go with an agent as Small Journeys who specialises in adventure tours all around the world. They have contacts that can make arrangements for lodging and food. These destinations are not even expensive and can be worth trying. In fact they arrange group packages and make your journey very interesting.

It is worth a try to go on expeditions to remote countries of the world and find about their cultural and traditions. This also provides you with an opportunity to mingle and find the uniqueness of the place. This is surely interesting and North America is such a big continent that it offers a lot of variety to tourists. Moreover, Americans love party and enjoyment, so there is no dearth of fun and frolic. With an experienced travel agent, you can find a lot more who can provide with a local guide to go deep into the place.

There is no end to learning and travelling is the best way to do it. With so much to know and find, why restrict you with limited options for holiday, enjoy life with the best things in the world. It is going to be an amazing experience. Thus, find new venues for your life and love the small things that are around you. These could be super exciting when you are closer to nature and there is someone to guide and tell you about it.