Top Things You Shouldn’t Miss While Travelling in Japan

It is not new for anyone that Japan is a wonderful “Land of Rising Sun”, has an unlimited number of fabulous museums, temples and shrines. It is crammed with high tech innovations and has a great history that all Japanese people really appreciate, strongly follow and respect its traditions. When you fist come in Japan you would like to visit most of famous and interested places that most magazines, websites and tutorials recommend you. But besides museums, gardens, famous sights, shrines and parks there are a bunch of other things that you shouldn’t miss as you can be immersed into the unfamiliar and the new what makes your life experience more colorful and enormous. Let’s take a look at the best things you should really do in Japan.

  1. 1.     Eat an amazing and unusual Japanese food


I guess you have head a lot about Japanese food such as sushi, sake, fish and others. Its traditional food adds Japan a touch of an elemental expression and and unforgettable feeling of originality and delicacy. What really made me astonished is their breakfasts and in the restaurants you have such a feeling you are at home as everybody is welcoming and everything is home-cooking though. Their green been and meatloaf look kind of different. Its traditional breakfast includes a rolled omelet, miso soup, rice, grilled fish, soy beans, dried seaweeds and for sure tea. Don’t you think it is yummy?!J

  1. 2.     Sit on the toilet


Japan is an extremely advanced country in technology and electronics. But Japanese toilets in public places are that what you should try. As we know in public places we never sit on the toilets but in Japan it is worthy to try their robot toilets that offer many services such as a warm seat, bidet feature, fake flushing and a timer. I should notice this kind of toilets is located in many public places, homes and department stores. But concerning old buildings, subway stations, schools you will just find “squat” toilets. They are ordinary equipped with a handle in order to keep your balance.

  1. 3.     Visit incredible pet shops

If you love animals and you want to buy something for your cat or dog, Japanese pet shops and stores are king of amazing to visit. You will find almost everything there for your pets. I find there a slew of animals that I can’t even imagine to see such as monkeys, owls, flying squirrels, wallabies, goats, ducks and many other ones. They have a bunch of exotic animals and other things for puppies, cats, rats, hamsters and etc.

  1. 4.     Take a trip on high-speed bullet trains


Transportation system in Japan is amazing. It is really worthy to take a trip on high-speed bullet train at speeds close to 300 km/h (186mph). It is better to buy a ticket in advance at a ticket agency, travel agent and self-served machines that are located in lots of big stations. A pass is quite convenient and you can just show your pass to the station attendant and you are welcome to make a good trip.

  1. 5.     Go karaoke and enjoy Japanese leisure

Japan is quite known for its great leisure activities. You can visit Smash Hits in Hiroo or Lovenet and sign to a full audience of strangers from a Jacuzzi. You can sign karaoke up to 4 a.m and sleep in the booth until dawn. You can sleep at Starbucks and nobody will tell anything. You can bathe under the stars at an outdoor hot spring. You can find lots of fun at the department stores like batting cages, arcade photo booths and etc. Spending a night in well-known capsule hotels will make you feel like you sleep in a coffin. There are much interesting and surprising in it from a climate control, TV and etc.

You can dip into a hot spring pool at a communal bath. Usually Japanese bath in the evening, but some communal baths are open in the mornings. You shouldn’t worry about taking any washing things as all these things are provided there. It is quite relaxing and a cool way to plunge into Japanese culture.

  1. 6.     Yawp at the spectacular view of Tokyo form 750 feet in the sky


Tokyo is enough immense and fabulous in the evening. You can gaze this incredible view from 750 feet in the sky. It is worthy to spend 20$ for a cocktail and behold night blinking lights that make you show how Tokyo is breathing. It is really meditative and a fantastic feeling.

I feel kind giddy and exited when I talk about voyage Japon. This country gives you big expectations and possibilities that you never try at any other place. It offers you to visit a beautiful Zen garden, go to sumo tournament (the atmosphere is quite energetic and heated there), view Mt. Fuji at a distance or you can even climb the mount if you are so adventurous, visit Tsukiji fish market in the morning (the biggest fish and seafood in the world) and lots of other things.


2 thoughts on “Top Things You Shouldn’t Miss While Travelling in Japan

  1. I took a trip to Tokyo a couple years ago, and I remember sitting on a toilet that provided a flushing sound to drown out your bathroom sounds. I think there was another that played some music. Very strange.

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