Top Places to Visit for Stargazing

There is just tantalizing and mesmerizing in watching the vastness of the sky with tiny dots of stars and constellation pinning its beauty. While most of us retire for the night or rather settle in nightclubs at night, you might probably missed half of your life if you haven’t checked out these awesome places to stargaze on.

Teidi National Park, Spain

Teidi National Park has just been awarded as the “Starlight Tourist Destination” and the “Starlight Reserve’ due to its dark skies, high altitude and proximity to the Equator. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was awarded by the Starlight Foundation which purpose is to preserve clear skies. This being said, there is a law that places the island to control contamination levels and flight paths to protect the ideal stargazing conditions. Tenerife is also used to hosting “astro tourists” who visit the island for the Starmus Festival. Besides that, Tenerife also features the Teide Observatory is the island’s national park is one of the world’s most advanced astronomical observatories. Teide Observatory is the place where the entire northern hemisphere and part of the southern hemisphere can be seen.


English: Snow covers the astronomy domes at Ch...

English: Snow covers the astronomy domes at Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are visiting Pennsylvania, don’t forget to swing by on this 48-acre park in northern part. This is considered the darkest point east of the Mississippi. The place is so dark that you can see about 10,000 stars with the naked eye. If you want to marvel on the Milky Way, you must visit the Cherry Springs State Park since the Milky Way shines so visibly here it even casts a shadow! This is why it is not surprising for the Cherry Spring State Park to be the twelve International Dark Sky Parks in the world.


Considered as the highlands of the lowlands, The Galloway Forest Park is the only Dark Sky Park in the United Kingdom. Galloway is as dark as a photographer’s dark room which is definitely ideal to spot the aurora borealis.


This International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) measured this private yet beautiful reserve in Africa’s Namib Desert and found the place to have some of the darkest skies. How do you feel about stargazing while lying in your stomach or in your back (your preference) on the safari park while watching the most stunning and glamorous stars? You can enjoy trekking the isolated 600-acre park before stargazing.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Badlands is home of the fossils and ancient mammals once roamed the desolate place in southwestern Dakota. Nowadays, the bison, bighorn sheep and black-footed ferrets treat Badlands as their home. However, besides seeing these animals, you are also in for a treat since this ruggedly remote terrain is also a great place to view the sky. You can spot the 7,500 stars on any night and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Milky Way. You can even chance fly-overs by various satellites including the International Space Station. There is a Night Sky Program that runs on Friday to Monday where the tourists can stay for while to view the sky through their enormous telescopes. Park rangers would even help you identify different constellations and planets. Now, how about that for night trip?


This place is hard not to notice with barely a hint of light pollution from the city of Kaposvar. This sky park nestled in the woodland protection area in southwestern Hungary is arguably the best place to spot zodiac signs in Europe. You can visit the place personally to contest that.

With these lovely and enchanting places to visit at night, who wants to sleep early at night?

Author bio:

This guest post is written by Veronica Barfields, wanderlust, a photographer and a real estate blogger.


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