A Holiday in Mildura – As Sweet as the Wine

If you are planning a vacation to Southern Australia, you will be abundantly gratified if you include the quaint city of Mildura as part of your journey. You can select from a variety of vehicles at the airport car rental. Choose a luxury sedan, passenger car, Ute, truck, 4 x 4, camper, full-sized or mini-van, and either drive to Mildura from Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney, or you can land in the local Mildura airport and utilize one of the local car hire facilities.

Mildura is a land of ancient history, art, crafts, music, festivals, river-romping activities, native and cultured botanical gardens, and most of all great food and wine. You can tour the Mildura Regional Art Gallery, which displays works of the local artisans and crafts-people, and is home to a permanent display of the celebrated Anglo-Irish artist Sir William Orpen. The gallery is connected to the historic and stately Rio Vista family estate of William B. Chaffey, who developed the irrigation system for Mildura in the late 1800s.

Take your choice of lodging in luxury at the Grand Hotel in the Feastreet town square, or you can opt for a luxurious or rustic houseboat on the massive Murray River where paddleboats offer cruises; dining; night time music, and dancing entertainment.

Mildura is also home to the famous “slow-food movement” chef Stefano de Pieri, and a meal at his sumptuous Italian restaurant in the cellar of the Grand Hotel is a must-have experience. His celebrated dishes are crea

Lock 11, Mildura.

Lock 11, Mildura. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ted with locally grown produce, and the wine that he serves is produced in the local wineries, which abound in this fertile food bowl of Australia.

Mildura is surrounded by breweries and wineries that offer sampling tours of the fruits of their expansive orchards that include Sauvignon, Cabernet, Mataro, Gordo, and Shiraz wine grapes. This fertile city is also surrounded by groves of citrus, almonds, pistachios, olives, carrots, and asparagus, which supply all of the savory restaurants in town.

If you opt for an all-wheel-drive 4 x 4 at the car rental, you can zoom to the Mungo National Park, home of 50,000 year old sacred Aboriginal burial grounds, and the astoundingly beautiful red-earthen “Walls of China” ancient sand dunes. You’ll see red kangaroos, pink cockatoos, and may be lucky to spy bearded dragons and echidnas among the native fauna of this historical habitat.

If you are really feeling adventurous, and your visit is in late summer, your 4 x 4 can wind down gravel roads that lead to the Pink Lakes, which are richly tainted in heavenly hues of lavender-rose by the excretions of unique algae during the seasonal change.

If you would rather spend the day frolicking in the river, you can go canoeing or kayaking. You can also choose to cruise on one of the paddleboats, or chartered houseboats, and watch waterski races while savoring that fabulous local fine wine.
There are gorgeous gardens, both native and cultured to stroll, boutiques and galleries to shop and to wander, restaurants abounding with astounding flavors and wines, so, what would you do with the freedom to roam Mildura?


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