Top 10 ski resorts for a great winter vacation

Most people would replace winter months with hot summers in a heartbeat, but there is nothing like a snowy mountain for skiing enthusiasts. Now is the perfect time to book your trip and hit the slopes, so don’t wait too long before you make your pick.

To make the decision easier for you, we made a list of the top 10 ski resorts that are great choices for a spectacular winter vacation.

  1. Alpine Meadows, Lake Tahoe, CA

Great snow, amazing views, and lovely accommodation? Check, check, and check! Alpine Meadows offers everything you could possibly need during your winter vacation. Whether you want to experience the peace of cross country skiing or the excitement of downhill skiing – this destination will satisfy your expectations.

  1. Canyons Resort, Park City, UT

Do you want to ski, but still be warm and comfortable? The heated chairlift shuttles at Canyons Resort do the impossible! The Canyons are impressive, but the premium properties at the base of the slopes may even outshine them.

  1. Squaw Valley USA, Lake Tahoe, CA

At Squaw Valley USA, you can appreciate the sunrise as you make your straight downhill runs and treasure those memories for a lifetime. This destination offers all types of terrains for everyone from Olympians to beginners, which makes it perfect for a family winter vacation.

  1. Park City Mountain, Park City, UT

You can choose from three resorts in Park City, but Park City Mountain offers the best inns and adorable house rentals – perfect for a trip with your family and group of friends. You can ski down the runs to the many galleries, restaurants, bars, and shops for everyone’s taste.

  1. Telluride Ski Resort, Telluride, CO

This Colorado destination is a world-class ski resort that’s well worth the money. You can easily reach the Mountain Village with gondola, which is the first free public transportation of this type in the USA. The Telluride Ski Resort offers an enormous potential for skiing, hiking, biking, shopping, and dining in nice restaurants.

  1. Aspen-Snowmass, Aspen, CO

This is one of the classiest tourist destinations in the world. However, it’s not all about designer clothes and pretentiousness; you will realize that as soon as you start your adventures onto the slopes. If you are looking for some luxurious elements to your winter vacation, Aspen-Snowmass is definitely your match.

  1. Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler, BC

The early-bird program will enable you to ski on fresh tracks for an entire hour before anyone else. Whistler and Blackcomb are two impressive mountains that feature three glaciers, 16 alpine bowls, 8,171 acres of terrain, and over 200 marked runs. More than you could ever ask for, right?

  1. Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley, ID

Once you set your foot in this resort, you will find yourself in front of lots of options – you can ice skate, swim, dance, steam, shop, dine, and basically anything else that comes to your mind. Don’t worry; you will still be pleased if you came here just to ski.

  1. Alta, Alta, UT

If you’re looking for a humble, but beautiful skiing destination with no pretension whatsoever, Alta will definitely please you. You will have access to everything you need, including backcountry tours, dining areas, lodging, and even church services (any ideas about getting married in the snow?).

  1. Taos Ski Valley, Taos, NM

This is a family-owned ski resort that features charming remote locations. You will definitely please your palate at the restaurants in the small village, which offer everything from grass-fed filet mignon to less exclusive meals for everyone’s taste.

Conclusion: Learn how to enjoy the winter and choose a resort today

Winter is not the time to be longing for white-sanded beaches. These 10 ski resorts will change your idea of a perfect holiday; only the mountains can make you believe there is paradise on earth. All destinations we mentioned above are impressive, so you may have a hard time picking one. It’s time to make your cup of hot cocoa and start exploring your options!

Fred is a professional blogger. He is working on his new book now and dreams of becoming a famous writer. Currently he is also an editor at Essay eagles.


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