Secret Destination Tip For 2014 – Croatia,Europe

Like most states in the Mediterranean and central Europe, Croatia is endowed with a myriad of historic cities, beautiful sceneries and diverse cultural heritages. Croatia has never had any difficulties in drawing crowds. The 1,100 miles stretch of coastlines coupled with 1200 islands make an ideal haunt for beach goers and cruise ships. The summer season is a festive period in Croatia which mainly harbors experimental theatre performances.

The coastline

Here you will find one of the most remarkable coastlines, bearing in mind that the preserved and uninhabited coastlines as well as coral reefs have earned the country three international awards (a country with the cleanest water in the Mediterranean region). The major cruise lines in the world actually have Croatia in a list of their itinerary for this reason.

Zagreb – The capital

Zagreb in Croatia (image source: author: dennis)

Zagreb in Croatia (image source: author: dennis)

This capital city is recognized as a cultural, economic and political hub of the country. A stop in Zagreb will treat you to Rovinj resort, which is home to a series of historic sacral buildings besides Baroque and Renaissance places. Brijuni Archipelago on the other hand has a number of islands and is one of the seven greatest national parks in Croatia.

Enticing outdoors

Plitvice lakes (image source: author: worlds in focus)

Plitvice lakes (image source: author: worlds in focus)

Plitvice lakes also make a central feature in Croatia’s natural history. This is a collection of escalading lakes which cut through a rocky structure identified as travertine and is known to deposit some minerals into the water. A unique angle of sunlight plus a diverse collection of organisms has given the lakes a vibrant color which ranges from green to azure blue. There are famous routes traversing the park and cutting through the lakes, a reason why the area receives large numbers of visitors through all seasons. For someone who wants a clear and unobtrusive view of the lakes, it is advisable to tour the routes in a reverse direction.

The seven world heritage sites

A tour to this country would not be complete without a visit to the seven sites or tangible cultural heritage grounds that have been identified by UNESCO. Dubrovnik is a precious jewel in Croatian history, a walled city that you must see and appreciate the craftsmanship of great artists. If you need to retract from the busy city life and have it quiet, consider Stari Glad Plain which was added to this group by UNESCO in 2008. The island of Hvar is also featured in this list, an agricultural grid which is decorated with stone shelters and rock walls.

 Favorable weather and Croatian food

All along the coastline, the weather is much warmer and this holds for a relatively longer period compared to the inland regions. While a better part of Eastern Europe is chilly during the spring season, the coastal weather along the Croatian Coastline is ever welcoming. In summer, the temperatures rise considerably; making swimming and water sports a must-do for seasoned vacationers.

Most of the meals here are slow foods- meals that have been prepared in the homely manner. Attention is paid to quality and flavor, a reason why they are referred to as slow foods. The Croatian natural cuisine has attracted many but there is also seafood and meals that have been inspired by foreign flavors such as Italian cuisine and the neighboring Slavic nations.

Conclusively, Croatia is sightseeing as well as shopping ground. It is known for his friendly people and low living and food prizes. You can check the prizes online and find the right apartment in Croatia for your next vacation. In the country, you will never run short of cultural shocks as well as sporting events. In general, it is place that is better experienced than told.


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