how to cure a jetlag

If you are a wanderlust who loves to travel or if your work requires you to be in New York at noon and Texas at night, then you might probably experience a jetlag. Jetlag can result to fatigue, sleep deprivation, loss of concentration, headaches and malaise. Jetlag is caused by the disruptions of our biological rhythms due to the rapid transition across different time zones. When we travel to a new time zone, our circadian rhythms remain on their biological schedules for days as they are slow to adjust. This explains our difficulty to sleep at night. Hence, if you are one of those who suffer a terrible jetlag, then these remedies might help you.

Choose Your Flight

Like A Christmas Card

Like A Christmas Card (Photo credit: Mary J.I.)

Choose for flights that let you to arrive early at night and stay up until 10 in the evening. However, if you must sleep in the day, nap in the afternoon no longer than two hours. Avoid oversleeping by setting an alarm. It would also help if you would accustom your body for the possible change of time zone by anticipating the change of trips. Sleep and get up early for several days before an eastward trip. If your trip is on the westward side, sleep later.

Arrival Time

On your board time, change your clock to your new time zone. As soon as you arrive at your destination, make sure to establish a new routine and accustom yourself to it. Eat and sleep according to your new time zone. Refrain from sleeping once you arrive at your destination. Try to fight fatigue and stay active until you reach the perfect time to sleep. This will help you adjust in the new time zone fast. When it comes to food, avoid eating heavy meals. Try to refrain from doing heavy exercise prior to your bed time. To shut out noise and unwanted light, bring earplugs and blindfolds. Although you find the sunlight unwelcoming to your eyes, where you would rather stay indoors, the sunlight actually helps you stimulate your regular sunlight.

Sleep Problems

Meanwhile, according to experts, stress or the possibility of stress can also trigger sleep problems. The First Night Effect and the On-Call Effect are the two common travel related stress conditions. The First Night Effect occurs when you sleep in a new environment whereas the second caused by the worry that something that may wake you up. This may be triggered by the phone ringing and another disruption.

If you feel the First Night Effect, try to bring elements or objects from home such as family picture, favorite pillow or blanket.  You can call at home via Skype and other social media services to ease the sense of loneliness. Try checking your hotel room for possible noise and sleep disturbances including the lighting.


If your sleeplessness ensues, you can take melatonin which is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland found in the brain. Melatonin controls the body’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin supplements are said to help the body in adjusting quickly to the new environment. When taking melatonin, experts advise to take the lowest dose possible for a short time. Higher dosage of melatonin can cause nightmares.


Valerian is a herb that is used as a natural sleep aid. This helps travelers adjust to new time zones by letting them sleep in their desired time. This herb isn’t addictive and doesn’t give you any grogginess unlike other pills.  

See a Doctor

Experiencing a jet lag once in a while is normal but if you are feel this every time you travel, it is best to see a sleep specialist or a doctor.

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Veronica Barfields is a real estate blogger who likes to blog and takes photos of different places. During her free time, she climbs mountain along with her friends.


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