10 most romantic cities in Europe

During its history the majority of cities in Europe developed under different economic and cultural influences, which led to large differences in their architecture and tradition. But this factor on the other hand has led to the fact that each of them is a story in itself.


It is hard not to be overwhelmed with the beauty and uniqueness of Venice. A combination of Italian charm and great food make Venice the ideal romantic place. Couples who don’t like to be surrounded by tourists should visit Venice in late fall to late winter… even when you have to wear a jacket, Venice is simply incredible. Stay at least two days to completely experience this remarkable place.


Any time of the year, there are always a million things you can do in Paris for a romantic weekend; walk along the Seine holding hands, climb the stairs to the Sacre-Coeurea, search for antiques on open markets, reveal new areas around the St. Martin canal, walk the park of Luxembourg or simply get lost in the streets with amazing architecture, stop for coffe and a croissant and enjoy the moments.


For some reason, cities with canals are highly ranked on the list of most romantic cities. Amsterdam is famous as the “Venice of the North”, so don’t be surprised that it is the first on the list of places to visit in Netherlands. And there are other good reasons too. The narrow streets paved with stone, the architectural harmony and liberal atmosphere give a special feel when in Amsterdam. Go on a boat ride, rent a bike, hop on a train or simply walk and get lost (which is very simple in Amsterdam); enjoy a good local bear in the popular “White” bar or an authentic coffee in the “Brown” cafe.


Canals, medieval buildings and small size of one of the most visited cities in Belgium make this place very romantic. It is ideal for weekends, for those who enjoy old buildings, good food and the best chocolate in the world.


From the late 80’s and the opening of East Europe, Prague has quickly become one of the most popular (and especially original) cities for visitors and it quickly developed into a place that satisfies all the needs to all kinds of tourist demands. This is a destination filled with life and many beautiful things that should be seen starting from the big castle and extremely romantic Charles bridge.


Many small restaurants where you can enjoy in tapas, an intense night life, remarkable buildings signed by Gaudi, that are scattered everywhere make Barcelona a unique setting. Sit on the ceramic bench in Guell park with your loved one, enjoy the view on the place and the people that are climbing on the top of the Sagrada Familia for an unforgettable experience.


A balance between the new and the old, Copenhagen is one of the key spots where people are equally proud of their medieval architecture, but also stone paved squares and their canals. An especially romantic destination that combines needed canals with modern details.


Everything that is linked with Italy is romantic – after an obvious mentioning of Venice, Rome is an alternative romantic destination that offers many things to see and do, but it also the perfect place to feel the Italian mood.


You like adventure? You like living on the edge? Cancel your romantic trip to Paris or Venice and go to Berlin. The capital of Germany has changed a lot in the past 15 years, becoming one of the most intense and exciting cities in Europe.


A city that developed on the shores of the Danube, a city of churches, remarkable architecture, thermal baths and artists, Budapest has achieved a fantastic change considering the early 90’s, and in that way became one of the most searched alternative locations for a romantic getaway.

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