Turkish Holiday

Looking to take a vacation to see all what Turkey has to offer? If so, you need to take into account the wide variety of different hot spots that you can travel to and then decide for yourself which one is most appealing to you.  Turkey has a lot to offer, whether you are looking for a city break or a beach break, you will be able to find both in this vibrant destination. You should ensure you have done your research to find the best city to suit you, as each will offer there own experiences.

Let’s go over some of the key areas to consider before booking a trip to Turkey.


Ankara is the capital city in Turkey and one of the most popular places for people to visit. This city is a more modernized city that will be home to the main government buildings, commercial businesses, as well as all the larger university schools.

English: A collage of The Seven Wonders of the...

English: A collage of The Seven Wonders of the (ancient) world, depicted by 16th-century Dutch artist Maarten van Heemskerck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since it is located right in the centre of this region, it’s often the place where many people travel to in order to embark on other destinations. With it’s transportation hub, it can be a stop in on your journey to somewhere else.

This city is filled with cultures from many different peoples including Hittie, Greek, Roman, Byzantine as well as Ottoman.

It also has some of the top theatre locations so if you are someone who wants to check those sights out, this is a good location to do it.

It’s also going to offer a number of lively arts and culture scenes, so for anyone who loves cite seeing, it’ll be a must.  So, whether it is just a stop over or a weekend break, this is a great stop for taking in lots of culture and to see the sites, before moving on to another place.


Next up, you may want to take in the wonderful sights of Antalya if you are someone who is interested in the beach scenery.

This beach is special in that it’s not only going to offer the beautiful body of water, you’ll also see mountains lining the edges as well.

If you are someone who enjoys many different physical activities, this is a great location to venture to as you can not only scuba dive and swim, but also go rock climbing as well. If you are somebody, who wants to escape on a beach holiday, but does not simply want to lie around all day, this is the best place for you. You can incorporate the lovely weather and the beaches, with the activities to keep fit and keep yourself busy.

You can also stop in and visit the museum, which has won many different awards for the displays that it puts on.  Finish up your trip by taking in some shopping of the region and you’ll be all set for enjoying yourself and taking in what this area has to offer.  


Finally, the last area that you may want to check out as you visit Turkey is Ephesus, which is the largest city in the entire Roman Empire.

This city is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and is home to the ruins of Ephesus, which is a great tourist location to take in.

It also contains one of the largest tourist attractions including a massive Theatre along with a library, which hovers two stories and was built to contain 12,000 scrolls.  If you are somebody who likes to take in all the culture that an ancient city has to offer this is the perfect destination for you, especially if you are interested in ancient ruins and landmarks you will not be disappointed with what Ephesus has to offer.

So as you can see, no matter what your taste preferences are, there will be something for you to check out when you visit Turkey, these were only a handful of all the destinations and varies cities that you can visit in Turkey, but this was just to give you a taste and idea of what is on offer..  Consider your own unique tastes and preferences and plan your trip from there.  With the Turkish Lira at a good rate at the moment, more and more people are thinking about travelling to this region, the weather is always hot in the summer months, but you can travel at any time if you would rather experience cooler temperatures.


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