The World’s Most Popular Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are not your typical vacation – if you are lucky, you will only go on one once in your lifetime! Plus, it is probably the first exclusive trip you are planning with the person you have decided to spend the rest of your life with. Honeymoon tourism has become increasingly popular over the past few decades and countless destination options have emerged. People generally wish to travel to romantic getaways on their honeymoons. We have compiled some of the world’s ideal honeymoon destinations that every couple should consider when they are planning this memorable trip.

5. Mexico

Mexico has a little something for everyone. Whether you want an exotic getaway or a week in a tropical paradise, Mexico is an ideal place to visit on your honeymoon. The Mayan Riviera, Huatulco and Nueva Vallarta offer pristine beaches alongside lush tropical vegetation. If lying on a beautiful beach is not exactly how you envisioned your honeymoon, you can always partake in some exciting holiday activities such as deep-sea diving. If you want to engage with local cultures, you can arrange for yourself a Mayan wedding in the heart of Mexico.

4. Italy

Although Italy attracts all kinds of tourists, it is a particular hotspot for honeymooning couples who want to have the ultimate romantic experience. Of course, there is the world’s most romantic city – Venice – which is famous for its beautiful gondolas, in which newlyweds can roam around the city streets. Another plus about Italy is that you’ll get to enjoy delicious cuisine, including fresh pizza and pasta literally everywhere you go. Tuscany, Rome, Florence and Venice have so much to offer that you might not have enough time to visit the countryside, but you should still try to enjoy a moonlight walk in an Italian village.

3. Greece

Greece is a great place to spend your honeymoon, particularly if you enjoy healthy doses of the sun. Greece is undoubtedly the heartland of the Mediterranean. Besides boasting beautiful beaches, Greece has countless getaway islands where you and your new spouse can truly enjoy each other’s company. If hopping beautiful islands is not your thing (as improbable as that is!), you can soak in one of the oldest modern civilizations in the world. Athens still has a number of ancient ruins that are places everyone must see before they die.

2. Bora Bora

Anyone who has been to Bora Bora will probably tell you it is the most beautiful and most romantic place they have ever seen. It is an ideal destination for honeymoon travelers since it is dotted with luxury spas that have been welcoming newlyweds for decades. Enjoy a luxury breakfast on a canoe in the middle of some of the clearest waters anywhere in the world; or if you want an unparalleled view of this beautiful place, just book a helicopter view and go arial!

1. Hawaii

Hawaii has retained its position as the most popular romantic honeymoon destination anywhere in the world. Most married couples who have not been to Hawaii before aspire to go to this beautiful archipelago. Almost every hotel in Hawaii caters to honeymooners in the form of special suites or packages. Whether you spend your honeymoon on the beautiful Waikiki Beach or Kauai’s exotic cliffs or the romantic beach restaurants in Oahu, you are bound to have a honeymoon you will never forget.

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