Natural and Historical features of Chinese tourism

As the biggest and oldest civilization of the world, China entails huge attractions for tourists in terms of natural phenomenon or historical faced of Chinese traditions. Although the size of the country make it difficult to cherish all the charming spots but still appeal you to revisit the country for visiting different parts with captivating cultural, traditional and historical backgrounds and exciting displays. Being a highly religious and conventional country, china also have progressed extensively during previous few decades to stand out as a uniformed nation of the world. Natural landscape and phenomenal manmade structures allure you to enjoy the magnificent Chinese region. We are suggesting few best tourist attractions of china that has fascinated visitors from all over the world since many years.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Yungang Grottoes Buddha

Yungang Grottoes Buddha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The western district of China, Sichuan invites you to witness the gigantic sculpture of Buddha carved out on a cliff fasciaby thousands of sculptors and hard workers to bring the glory of Buddha into reality. The structure has been started building in third year of seventh century during the Tang dynasty, where as it continued until a complete century up to year 803. The dimensions of the sculpture are 71 meter highalong with 3 meter hand fingers.

Mount Huang

The “loveliest mountain of china” is considered to be the pilgrim point for artists, painters, poets, hermits and many other people struggling for inspirational visit to the place. It is situated at the Anhui Province of China, covering more than 15,000 hector of area. The exquisite landscape of the region contains many granite peaks having altitude of more than 100 meters. It not entails the scenic beauty and natural attraction but also an important historical place got its significance by an artist back in 747 who named the place and associated it with the struggle of immortality.

Terracotta Army

One of most popular tourist places of china in Xian is the assortment of Terracotta army. Which is associated with the first emperor of China called Qin Shi Haung who ruled from 221 BC till 206 BC. According to research estimate, there are more than 8,000 soldiers, 150 cavalry horses, 130 chariots along 520 horses are presents in 3 collieries and the most of them are still concealed underneath. You can still the glory and pride of these soldiers standing firm to serve the king.

Mogao Caves

To experience the supreme quality Buddhist art sculptures and figures you have to pay a visit to the caves of Magao that consists on system of 492 temples located 25 km away from the center of Dunhaung on a crossroad of Silk route. Other than Yungang Grottoes and Longmen Grottoesone of grand stone carved temples of china, magao caves have been built in 366 AD to make a safe place for storing religious scriptures and art work along with the extensive work of over 1000 years crafted in these caves. These art pieces tempts tourist to capture them to form photos to canvasfor wall display to embellish their home with religious remarkable expressions.

Forbidden City

Commonly known as Palace museum, the landmark is officially called Forbidden City that has been used as residence for 24 Chinese emperors. And the name was derived due to strict forbiddance to enter the sacred place without the permission of heavenly emperor temporarily residing on earth. The world’s largest complex of Forbidden City including over 90 palaces and 1,000 other edifices has been constructed in 15th century during Ming dynasty for purpose of imperial dwelling till 1911. It is situated at the heart of Beijing City neighboring Tiananmen Square.

Great Wall of China

Last and grandest attraction of china is none other than “Great wall of china” that has been built and maintained to protect tribal attacks from north from 5th to 16thcentury with 25,000 watch over posts, little by Frist emperor and rest by Ming rulers. Current condition of wall varies from part to part and some sections are more visited by tourists then other because of the structural conditions.

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