Bareboat Chartering: A Few Things you Might Not Know

So you’ve been invited a long on a bareboat charter- it’s your first time out at sea but your sailing friends assure you that you’ll simply love the experience. It’s absolutely true that spending your holiday out on the water can be amazing, life-changing even. But, there are a few things that no one tells you about. Read on to find out more about the real experience of a sailing vacation.


The Boat is Small

Of course you already know that space is limited in a boat but you may not know just how small your living quarters will be. Berths on a boat tend to have just enough space for the essentials- a bed and perhaps a small cupboard to store your bags. You should be comfortable and cozy, but you will have to restrict yourself to bringing less luggage.

Spending Time with the Group

Bareboat charters are not the ideal sort of holiday for people who do not get along well. You’ll be spending the majority of your time with the same people- this doesn’t mean you can’t take a day to go off on a land adventure or go swimming while everyone else stays on board. It just means that it’s really best to go with people you get along with extremely well, preferably those you actually want to spend more quality time with.

There’s Work to be Done

When we think of holidays we often imagine a week or so in which we can lay back and let the world go by. Not so on a bareboat charter- the skipper will need a few extra pairs of hands to help manage the sail, steer and assist with things like mooring. There will also be cooking and cleaning duties to consider- a true bareboat charter does not come with a crew. You’ll be responsible for cooking your own meals and keeping the place tidy during your stay. This also includes shopping for provisions and planning ahead to make sure there’s plenty of fresh water and other important beverages.

You’ll Get Exercise

The mere action of sitting on a boat actually engages some of the muscles in the body to maintain your balance. Whether moving from the salon to the deck, climbing on and off board for swimming or helping with the heavier tasks, there is a certain level of physical fitness (and willingness!) required.

Packing Correctly is a Must

When you’re exposed to the elements for days at a time it’s extremely important to pack the right type of clothing- think cotton layers and slippers or sandals to wear on board. You’ll need plenty of sunblock and a good hat.

Then there are the clothes you need for going on land jaunts. Do be sure to have an acceptable outfit for any upscale dining you plan to do, and comfortable shoes for walking and hiking.

When all is said and done and you’re properly informed about what it entails, bareboat charters can be amazing. You might even be bitten by the sailing bug, returning home to take sailing lessons in order to one day be your own captain.

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