The Joys of Private Yacht Charter compared with a Resort

When planning a holiday it’s great to go with an old favorite. You might have a resort you return to year after year, or a place you just love continuing to explore. But what if you want to try something new? Chartering a yacht is something many people only dare to dream of but in today’s day and age it’s actually quite possible, even for the average resort go-er. If you’re not quite convinced, check out the following list of yacht charter benefits and see if we can’t change your mind!


A Resort on Board

On board a private yacht you’ll have a stateroom, or berth, that truly rivals a room at a resort. To be fair, everything on a boat is smaller, but you’ll have all the comforts of home- a comfortable bed, hot showers, flushing toilets, electricity and more.

Dazzling Views

No resort or hotel room can rival the views experienced from the decks of a private yacht. Being that close to the water every day makes it an encounter with nature- you can get up close and personal with sea life and also just enjoy life at sea!

Choose a warm destination and you’ll be able to start each day with a cup of coffee and freshly cooked breakfast overlooking an infinite blue horizon. Evenings are the perfect time to enjoy a glowing sunset over a glass of white wine or any other beverage of your choice.

More Activities

While enjoying a yacht charter you’ll have access to a virtually endless number of activities. The most obvious include water sports like swimming and snorkelling, but chance are you’ll be introduced to a number of things you never even knew were available; many tropical destinations offer paddle boarding, snuba, underwater safaris and many others.

There are also plenty of things to do on land- you can hike beautiful mountains, try canopy zip-lining or just shop in exclusive boutiques and enjoy dining out. There’s something for everyone and its much easier than having to book a day out with your hotel’s concierge.

Luxurious Pampering

We all want to be taken care of during our vacations, to leave the stresses of daily life behind and just enjoy getting away from it all.

Yacht charters are full-service affairs, with crew to prepare meals, serve drinks and generally ensure you’re having a great time- at all times.

You’ll also have a skipper to guide the ship and take you to lesser-known places along the way. This is a great benefit, as you can really get to know your destination from a local’s perspectives. You should also be able to avoid the crowds and peak hours of popular sights to see.

 Great for All Ages

Yacht charters, just like hotels and resorts, are appropriate for all ages. It’s an adventure that no one can resist; the chance to do something new and different, and overall, amazing. You can bring children and extended family members to enjoy the ride. There will be something for everyone to enjoy- from just lounging on deck to very active swimming and diving.

If private yacht charter sounds like the best option for your next vacation, you can start by researching popular places like the British Virgin Islands and Easter Mediterranean.

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