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For the past seven months I was able to have what many would consider the experience of a lifetime. I was able to spent 7 months in Hamburg, Germany as an engineering intern for the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. While the job itself was not all that fulfilling, the experiences outside of the workplace were life altering.

Travelling and people. Those were easily the most important aspects of life for me. Having always lived and resided in the United States I have led what many would consider a sheltered life. Spending time abroad was like pulling the blinders off my eyes. I met people from every continent on Earth and made friends from the vast majority of European countries.

Having never left the US before my traveled experience would considered pathetic at best. During this time my passport count exploded from zero to five and my picture count grew exponentially.

One thing you learn about travelling, every city and culture has its own vibe. Speed of life, music, food, night life…everything is different.


Berlin is a historical hipster city. The capital of Germany is a beautiful place where the people live a bit of an alternative lifestyle. A bit of an American comparison would would San Francisco where both have strong levels of entrepreneurship, green living and of course drugs.

Berlin is a city of old and new. The history of the city is phenomenal. Throughout the city modern art and architecture intermingles with bullet torn buildings, WWII bunkers, and of course the Berlin wall.


Londoners live quite the life. The fancy cabbies and proper living complement the pub culture. Seriously, you won’t find many restaurants in the city, the stereotype is completely accurate. I found Londoners to be extremely friendly and outgoing and never seem to stop talking.

In addition to beautiful old buildings London sports massive amounts of commerce. The city boasts powerful banking infrastructure and financial industries. London has a fast pace of life akin to NYC and would be a place I would consider building my business.


Parisians and the French in general seem similar. Both love wine, fine food, and music. Throughout the city people feel alive and seem to genuinely love living life.

Paris has an enormous amount of history and amazingly beautiful architecture. Probably the most aesthetically gorgeous city I visited, I absolutely the buildings. Paris certainly had a feeling a love surrounding popular places like the Eiffel Tower if you could get past the obnoxious people selling touristy Eiffel Tower key chains.


Rome was amazing. The city felt phenomenally powerful and ancient. Throughout the day you pass ancient Roman ruins, centers of commerce and fine Italian restaurants. The city certainly caters to tourists but it was overwhelmingly awesome. Anyone who visits sees the fast pace of life at odds, religious devotion, and love of life. This love of life extends to pizza, pasta, people and all things soccer.


This may have been the most interesting city I visited in terms of culture. The Scottish have a manly tough culture of brotherhood and strength. I arrived in the city and was instantly shocked by the hills. Edinburgh is a leg busting city of extremely old buildings. A powerful castle in the center of the city is a beacon for the city and helps to define the culture.

Living in Scotland is challenging. In my jeans and massive sweatshirt I could not stand the cold and wind(and I am from New York). The Scots are super friendly, tough, and love their scotch and whisky. The party culture for the city extends to ruggedly loyal dedication to rugby, soccer and all things Scottish.

About Me

Hey guys my name is Matt Ward. I am a 23 year old engineering student and online business owner from Syracuse, New York. I enjoy sports, working out, movies, books and nature. Thanks for checking out my perspective on the city different cultures and if you want to get in touch you can check out my site or shoot me an email.

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