2014 Travel Bucketlist!

“Where has last year gone?” fundamentally the question that everyone is asking, but alas we have been sent hurteling into 2014 with a bang. Part of our New Year resolutions, I am sure that we are all looking to new horizons and, in addition, new pastures to tread.

I am promising myself more from this year, I travel a fair bit, some with work, some purely because I love to explore more of the world – new regions and destinations. To be honest, I am disheartened with the thought of the usual destinations, the Caribbean, Florida, you know the usual suspects of every blog entry in the world. No, I am expecting greater things from this year, I want to visit some of the more unusual places in the world, well I say unusual – potentially not the most accurate choice of diction. So here we go, my top destinations for 2014!

2014 Travel


Brazil throughout 2013 has observed considerable increase in the volume of international tourism and this trend is nothing short of expected to continue.

If you want to stand a chance of seeing what Brazil has to offer, I suggest that you book now! Brazil one of the largest counties both by population and by distribution in the world, between June and July 2014 the tourism is set to EXPLODE! Why? Well this fantastically diverse region of South America has been selected to host the FIFA World Cup 2014. Naturally, the country is investing in infrastructure and tourism on the run up, so what a great time to go visit, even if you are not going for the great game. Cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, prime destinations, are turning out to be 2014 holiday hotspots!

Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro

 Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro

First on my list of attractions is, naturally, Christ the Redeemer and due to the fact that I am expected to fly out the 29th June 2014, I am sure that I will be accompanied by a vast wealth of cultural diversity – exactly what I am seeking for 2014!

Putting aside the fact that I will be basking in the party city along with a few thousand other tourist’s; I shall also be making a 250 mile trip to Ouro Preto a beautiful city and UNSECO World Heritage site known for its baroque style architecture. Since I am there for three weeks, I may also take a tour to the Iguaca Falls, somewhere that has more recently cropped up on my radar!


Next on the hit list: Burma. Burma has so much to offer,  but yet relatively unknown. Presumably due to the fact that is has not had the marketing millions that are poured into your more typical “sunny hot spots”. Primarily this was due to the fact that the country was un-open to the rest of the world; which I have to say adds to the charm and attraction of the country. With so little outside influence, so much of the culture is still intact and uninfluenced by the western world. Some of the best places to see – where do I start? Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay or how about Mrauk U.

For anyone like myself seeking some real exploration, New Year in Burma is the place to see! You will be troubled to find anywhere that can offer such untouched beauty in the style of fascinating and enchanting Buddhist temples on the plains of Began. These temples demonstrate the devotion and faithfulness to what is a culture deeply rooed in Hinduism.


Burma is more than just a holiday, it is a cultural experience of for the body and mind.  The culinary alone offers travellers a fusion of Chinese, Mongolian and India cuisine. Definitely one of my holiday destinations for 2014!

Papa New Guinea

Within the geographical l region of Oceania next on my list is Papa New Guinea. Don’t be confused with thinking that Papa New Guinea is part of Australia – it’s not, it is entirely and independent state. Strikingly beautiful, this country is made of four regions and 20 provinces and is host to around 800 indigenous languages. Some of the highlihts for 2014 that would certainly be worth visiting include: the Gorkora Cultural Show, National Canoe and Kundu Festival and the Crocodile Festival. Naturally this is just a fraction of what PNG has to offer!

If you are seeking new experience, travels or even something like a little more special such as a honeymoon destination then click here.


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