Vacationer’s Tips for When Staying at Luxury Resorts in Haiti

Thousands of people from American and Canada will travel the world and stay at resorts in Haiti each year, helping to fuel a growing and recovering tourism industry in this nation. There are some very important traveler’s tips that you should be mindful of when traveling here or anywhere abroad. After all, Haiti is not considered to be a second world nation yet, and there are some significant differences that you will encounter. Be best prepared to make the most of your vacation with these handy tips.

beach in haiti

Use the In-room Safe


You want to avoid keeping large amounts of cash or valuables on you at any given time. If you are wondering where you should store them instead, most resorts in Haiti feature a convenient in-room safe. Use this safe to store your valuables before you venture out to experience the major attractions.

Procure Travel Insurance

Always consider the optional added fee for traveler’s insurance. This insurance covers you in event that the unforeseeable occurs while you are on vacation. For example, it covers injury, illness, theft and even trip cancellations due to bad weather (in some cases). It’s well worth the peace of mind you enjoy from having it.

Understand Cultural Differences

Keep in mind that you are not in the country of your origin and there will be culture differences. Make sure you conduct some research before you head out to Haiti to understand the cultures that inhabit this Caribbean nation. Doing so can educate you, and also help you to make the most of your vacation.

Create a Realistic Itinerary

While it would be great to see and do everything that there is to see and do when here, it’s simply unrealistic. Instead, create a large list of the most desirable attractions, places and activities that you wish to experience while here. Then try and create a new, smaller list of the ones that you will actually have time for during the limited duration of your vacation.

Read Travel Safety Guides

Before traveling to any foreign nation, be certain to read the travel warnings posted by your government. These are in place to protect citizens if dangerous areas are unsafe for travel at certain times. While Haiti is generally safe to visit, always double check what warnings are being issued to know that it’s a good time to book that trip.

Always Keep Your Passport Handy

When traveling in any foreign country abroad, it’s imperative that you always have your passport handy. You may be tempted to leave this document in the in-room safe, as was mentioned above for storing valuables. Doing so could be a mistake on your part. Your passport is your international identification, and you legally really want to have it on you at all times in a safe place. Your passport identifies you as a citizen to a different nation. For example, in the event of an emergency, you will have to prove your citizenship to gain access to an embassy. Just keep it close and protected at all times, just in case you need it.

Author Bio: Sarah Parker is an internet marketer as well as a freelance writer. She is passionate about her work and has experience writing for a broad spectrum of topics. Parker continuously educates herself on the evolving practices of internet marketing, which is reflected in all her work. Her recent writings include tips for vacation at resorts in Haiti. Follow her on Twitter/Sarah_Parkar.


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