Top 5 Most Popular Volunteer Programs in India with no Required Experience

There are many poor, sick, orphans or destitute people around the world who seem to be hopeless in their situation. One of the things that give them hope is the services of volunteers that enable them to go on with life with much strength. Volunteering may just be a simple act of giving your time or services, but to the needy people, it could mean so much more for them.

There are various programs designed to help the different groups of needy people such as the sick, the orphaned children, poor students, families or women. Some of these programs require past experiences or trainings, while others don’t. Whether you are a first-timer or already a frequent volunteer and are looking for volunteer programs in India that do not require specific skills, education or trainings, here are the top five popular options for you.

1. Teaching volunteer programs
One of the top volunteer programs in India is the teaching volunteer programs India, partly because it does not require a person to be a professional teacher to take part in this program. Anybody could sign up regardless of gender and educational background as long as you are fluent in English, because it is the primary subject that you will teach. You may be assigned in primary or secondary school located in major cities or other locations in India. In particular, every year, there are a significant number of volunteers who enlist for Volunteer teaching program Dharamshala.  Dharamshala is a scenic region in India known for its beautiful landscapes.

2. Orphanage Volunteer Programs
The orphanage volunteer program is another program that welcomes volunteers with any educational background. You could be a student, an office worker, a teacher, or anybody who has a passion to care for orphaned children. As long as you are willing to help feed children, wash dishes, or play with children, you are welcome to sign up for this program.

3. Child Care Programs
The childcare program is similar to the orphanage program in that you will be taking care of small children. But they differ because under this program, the children have their own home. You will be taking care of small children who are left in daycare centers by their parents while they are at work. You will assist a professional staff in giving the children basic education, like teaching the alphabet and numbers. You will also help in feeding the children and putting them to sleep during nap time.

4. Women Empowerment India
The women empowerment is especially popular among women volunteers. You could sign up under this program regardless of your education or trainings. In this program, basic tasksmay include assisting in counseling and providing livelihood or computer training to women and empower them to be self-sufficient and more educated.

5. Community Development Program
The community development program which mostly involves construction of community schools or houses for the poor is a program that is open to any volunteer willing to work in construction, such as helping paint buildings, doing masonry works and others.

If you are interested to be part of teaching volunteer programs India or in particular Volunteer teaching program Dharamshala and other programs that do not require any past experience or a specific educational background, you could visit the VolunteeringIndia.


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