Enjoy a Holiday of Great Opportunities and Deals

With the holidays doing their usual rounds a lot of travel enthusiasts like you would be looking for holiday destinations and great deals that you can avail. Although you don’t have much time to plan an elaborate vacation, fortunately for you there may still be some great airfare deals that you can take advantage of if you have been thinking of taking your family out on a trip. Wondering where you can look for a great deal? Here is where you should look:

  • The internet: There are so many travel sites and tickets booking websites that are eager to help you with airfares. The internet is the best place to look for such deals on airfare and if you find the right website, they might even alert you when there is a price drop or if there is a ‘two for the price of one’ deal to squeeze in last minute travelers. Some booking websites like Travelocity and Expedia have done away with their booking fees and has alerts for short-term promotions as well.
  • Consider the new airlines: As the number of new airlines takes on the same route or different routes, you can expect some fluctuations in air fare too. Keep an eye out for any such inclusions in new airlines or an existing airline taking on a new route. Many of them who take on a new route often have very low promotional air fares. These fares are usually made available on the internet and if you are watchful enough chances are that you will find one of these promotional fares.
  • Twitter away: While Twitter may be a great place to express your thoughts and catch up with what your friends are thinking, it is also a great place to check out on the different airlines. They are on Twitter too promoting themselves every second. Follow a few known airlines and you can expect to see one or two tweets about airfares or any other promotional offers. Sometimes they even tweet about discounts on business class seats that may be available for a certain period of time.

“When it comes to travel planning timing is very important” says David Hays, an executive working with a travel agency.

“It is best if people can buy their tickets and make their arrangements at least 3-4 months in advance to take advantage of great deals. But a lot of travel agencies also have great last minute deals to enjoy” is what Sharon Brookman has to say about individuals trying to make travel plans.

Once you have managed to get a decent deal on airfare you need to check out on other details of your travel. Airlines are not the only services that offer deals. There are others too playing the same game. While hotels may not exactly be offering a discount during the holiday season, they might be giving away a free spa credit or may even throw you a third night at the hotel free. Travel agencies are well known for their last minute opportunities. So, if you know any travel agent keep him in the loop to send you an alert if something matches your travel plan.


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