5 Unique Museums You Should Visit in the U.S

It is well understood that if you want to see museums in the United States the place to go is Washington, D.C. The area is full of museums that are internationally recognized as outstanding. But what if you’re looking to see something a little more unique?

Washington, D.C. offers a couple museums to satisfy this craving but there are countless museums across the U.S. that offer unique viewings. While it’s impossible to discuss them all in one article, let’s take a quick look at 5 museums that are too unique to pass up.


International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum is one of the most frequently visited museums in Washington, D.C. It’s a museum that is great for the entire family as both kids and adults are entertained. As you weave your way throughout the museum you’ll learn about tools used by spies and some of the most recognized spy missions. The museum has interactive exhibits for all ages so this isn’t a museum where you need to be extra careful about what you touch. The International Spy Museum does more than just teach you about spies; it makes you feel like one.

National Museum of Crime & Punishment

Because Washington, D.C. is home to countless attractions it is only right that we present two from the area. The National Museum of Crime & Punishment is another unique museum that’s fun for the whole family. It has several interactive exhibits that keep you involved during your tour of the museum. The Crime Museum is dedicated to educating guests about the history of criminology. If you liked the show CSI and then this museum is perfect for you.

As you tour the museum you will get a behind the scenes look at the studio where the show America’s Most Wanted is recorded. Guests also get to uncover a murder scene and learn all about forensics, taking blood samples, and much more. If you like to solve mysteries this is the place to do just that.

UFO Museum and Research Center

Located in Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO Museum and Research Center is probably what you think it is – a museum committed to analyzing evidence that supports the notion that UFOs exist. It doesn’t matter if you believe in aliens or not; guests who visit are bound to have a good time exploring the idea that there is life outside planet Earth. One of the museum’s biggest attractions is memorabilia from the controversial flying saucer incident in Roswell in 1947. Guest can also explore the potential government cover-up of the Roswell crash and a lot more.

The Museum of Bad Art

The word unique certainly comes to mind when you hear people talking about the Museum of Bad Art. This museum has three locations and all of them are in Massachusetts. They’re located in Dedham, Somerville and Brookline. How this museum got its start is unique on its own. It started in a basement in Boston and now features about 500 pieces of the world’s worst art. What makes this museum even more unique is that it is always open to submissions of bad art as long as you feel it’s some of the worst work you’ve seen.

The Hall of Flame

While the Hall of Flame museum in Phoenix, AZ isn’t an odd museum, it’s certainly unique as it pays tribute to the history of firefighting. Guests get to tour 6 different galleries, including the National Hall of Heroes that lists thousands of firefighters that lost their lives protecting others. A 9/11 memorial is also featured at the museum since so many firefighters lost their lives following the attacks on the twin towers. In addition to learning about the history of firefighting and honoring those who have passed, guests get to check out dozens of fire trucks that have been completely restored. Some of them date back to the 1920s. With so much to do and see, it’s time you contact a travel agent if you want to get the best deals on U.S flights.


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