How To Explore Perth In A Day

Harry writes for Priority Pickup ( ), an airport passenger transfer service based in Perth, Australia.

Unlike most other countries its size, Australia only has a handful of cities and places to visit. Among them, Perth is one of the very few places to visit in the western part of the country. This is the fourth largest city in the country in terms of population and is the largest city in Western Australia. Given its size it is not realistic to explore the city in a matter of a day. However, if you are short on time and would like to make the maximum use of your day to cover as much as possible, follow the plan below. Using this plan, you should be able to cover all the important places in Perth in one day.

First and foremost, Perth is famous for its beaches and nightlife. And if you are a visitor from outside Australia, then you should also explore the country for its unique fauna. There are a number of other things that are not possible to covered in  a day trip. This includes adventure activities like rock climbing and sky diving which are quite popular in Perth. However, when you are short on time, you could skip these activities since they can be tried out at leisure in any other part of the world.

Early Morning Trip To Penguin Island

As the name suggests, Penguin Island is famous for its penguins. Besides these aquatic animals, you can also explore other exotic animals like sea lions, pelicans and seagulls. You can start the day with a trip to the Penguin Island which opens to the public at around 10 AM (when the first ferries start from the main land). This is located in the south-western tip of Perth and will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to reach from the main city center. The island itself can be reached by a ferry from Rockingham. If you can find one, hop on to the glass-bottom ferries that mightily enhances the ferry riding experience. There are hourly dolphin watching rides that start from Penguin Island. It’s a joyful experience but if you are short on time – which you are if you are exploring Perth in a day’s time, it is recommended that you skip this. You can anyway have a great experience during the penguin feed shows. Do not spend more than an hour at Penguin Island.

Noon Trip To Swan Valley

Perth is located along the Swan river and a visit to the city is incomplete without an afternoon at the popular Swan valley. For the day trip, you will need to travel close to 45 miles from Penguin Island to Swan valley. You can save a lot of time by avoiding public transport and driving your own car. If this is not an option, then look for private chauffeur services who can help you with the travel. Once you are at Swan valley, head to the reptile park that showcases the best of Australian wildlife. However, if you are an Australian yourself, you might skip this since similar parks are also available in other Australian cities. In any case, do not miss out on the periodic guided tours that take you to the nearby chocolate making factories, dairy factories, and those that make honey and wine. It is not realistic to explore all these places with the limited time available. So pick and choose the tours you want to go based on your personal interests.

Evening at the beach

Australia is famous for its beaches and in Perth, this is the primary attraction. There are nearly 40 beaches in and around Perth in Western Australia. However, for the sake of the day trip, it is best to visit a beach that is not only reputable, but is also closest to the Swan valley. The Scarborough beach is just 30 minutes from the Swan valley and is something you should check out next. Surfing is extremely popular in Perth and in Scarborough in particular. Besides, this beach is extremely clean and pristine throughout the year which makes it a must-visit on any itinerary. One thing you must be aware of is the high tides that are seasonal in this area. If you get into the water, please ensure you are safe.

Dinner at the club

As noted in the opening paragraph of this article, Perth is pretty popular for its nightlife and clubs. After your time at the beach, make your way to the Ellington Jazz Club in the heart of the city. This is a 20 minute drive from Scarborough and is extremely popular with the jazz crowd. After a long day, this is a perfect setting to have a drink and settle down.


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