Fishing Vacations – Holidaying with Your Best Bunch of Male Friends

You must have visited the mountains and the seas for your vacations many times in your life. How about planning a vacation that is different from these general holidays and places? Think out of the box this time and plan a holiday with some of your best male buddies. Well, if you are still confused as what kind of vacation is being talked about here, here is the answer to all your doubts. Mentions are being made for fishing vacations. Sound interesting, doesn’t it? There are many destinations in the world that are perfect spots for such vacations. So, pack your bags and tie your shoe laces for a fascinating fishing vacation.

Before you leave for your fishing vacation destination, it is very important that you check that you have all the travel documents in place. One of the most important documents is the passport. If you do not have passport and need a new passport immediately thepassportoffice can assist you. The company also offers great services for lost passport, damaged passport and even passport renewal within a short span of time. Set all the important papers and documents in place and gear up for your grand fishing holidays. Here are some of the best destinations:

Limon and Puntarenas, Costa Rica

The name of the place means ‘rich coast’, but it has nothing to do with affluence. Many people have an idea that going deep-sea sportfishing is an expensive thing as it is required to have private yachts for the same. But it is actually not so. Anyone can enjoy deep-sea sportfishing without any problems. The greatest advantage of fishing in Costa Rica is that wide varieties of fish can be caught by the different coasts. Some of the popular fish varieties include mackerel, tripletail, land jack crevalle, tarpon, tuna, roosterfish, marlin, dorado and so on.

Amazon River, Brazil

It is a well known geographical fact that when it is winters in the United States, Brazil enjoys its summers. And it is during this particular time that peacock bass fishing in the Amazon River, Brazil is on a high. Until and unless you have the real life experience of fishing the peacock bass, you will not have an idea regarding the species. The aggressiveness of the fish is a thing to watch for sure.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is an experience which you will cherish for your lifetime. It is quite interesting to see that there are almost 3000 species of fish and other marine life in the Gulf of California. Some of the most common species that get stuck in the fishing rod or nets are sierra, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dorado and most importantly marlin. Catching marlin in Cabo will let you bring the fish back (which is not allowed in many places).

Victoria, Australia

This is one destination for fishing vacation that will not leave you disappointed in any manner. fishing enthusiasts can get hold of innumerable varieties of fish in the area. Some of the most popular ones being great hammerhead, shortfin mako, common thresher, oceanic blue whaler, gummy shark, spurred dogshark, seven gill and many more. If you get hold of grey and white nurse sharks, you will have to let them go as per law in the country.


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