Dubai a great city travelled by all

The second largest of seven Emirates that makes up the United Arab Emirates is located on the southern shore of Arabian Gulf. It is a bustling metropolis which is known for its warm hospitality, rich cultural heritage, year round sunshine, luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, intriguing deserts, amazing shopping options and more which makes it one of the most sought after tourist destination of Middle East that receives millions of business as well as leisure travellers each year. The city is adorned with some of the finest restaurants so on a visit prepared to be spoiled with innumerable cuisines both from east to west. This is a foodie’s fantasy, a destination where atmosphere, surrounding and service is a part of culinary combo.

Dubai really knows how to create headlines. The architecture of Dubai is a spectacular display of new and modern architecture. The architectural masterpieces of city include Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach hotel and twin Emirates Tower are some of the must see attractions of city. Dubai is upbeat and exciting. It has an energetic cosmopolitan lifestyle and is decked with vibrant nightspots that offer wide choice of restaurants serving food from dozens of countries. The inhabitants are well known for their traditional Arabic hospitality. Visitors are treated with gracious smile and warm hospitality.

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