Lima- A magical and colorful city of Peru

Peru a country with over 5000 year old history is a colorful and magical place to visit. It is one of the most diverse nations on planet earth that holds infinite vacation destinations to visit and enjoy your holidays. Where ever you go, its each region will impress you with its typical clothing filled with meticulous details.

Peru has incredibly rich and compelling archaeological heritage and great natural beauty which draws tens of thousands of visitors each year. All most all make a stop at Lima, the capital city of country and a thriving business and cultural center. On a visit to Lima one can find it slow paced as compared to many of South American cities. Its rhythm is of more traditional then modern. The city boasts various amazing attractions that you just can’t afford to miss.

In Lima near the National Stadium, is a huge magically lit water park where everyone goes in summer to beat the heat. No visit to Lima is complete without visiting this home which has been in the family since 1535, when Francisco Pizarro founded Lima.17 generations of his family have lived here since and the rooms are filled with original treasures and artwork. Stroll through the oriental gateway into Barrio Chino, the Chinatown of Lima to take in the exotic sights and smells of China. Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 12.30 pm you can join Lucid Lima on 90 minute tour that takes you to UNESCO listed colonial town is one-of-a-kind experience.

To visit more such exciting sites of Lima and things to do just visit website.


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