PratunamMarket in Bangkok, Thailand

Chatuchak marketplace isespecially popular for the low cost shopping choices, however the lesser-known will be Pratunam Market. This market will eyeopener day and offers number ofgoods for a small fraction of the value. A lot of thegoodson the marketinPratunamcan be purchasedat wholesale pricesand for that reason, tends to beless costlygenerally.


The market isfull ofsmallwalkwayswhich arepacked with stalls featuringclothing, jewelry, shoes or bootsandgadgets. The mainproductavailable for purchaseat the market is clothes. You’ll findrealas well asreplicamerchandisehere, such asartistappareland also arange of Asian famous brands. Japanese, Korean and also Chinese brand namescan certainly beseen in Thailand as there arenumerous factories in the country that producethem. Otherclothesoptions include casual wear, sports clothingchildrenclothesplus much more.

Lots of exports from Thailand are in factpurchased atPratunam market. It’s thebest spotto buyin big amountsdue to the factpricesdecreasenoticeably. A minimum order to havediscountedtends to beabout three pieces of clothing. If you arebuying10or even more of each then the discount should reflect on the quantity. Similarly tovarious other wholesale markets, you will definitely getthe best offerif you knowthe best way tobargain.

A lot of Thailand’s small business owners, shoppers, retailersas well aswholesalersgo toPratunamon a regular basisto get their hands on the newest and most unique fashion products. It’s quite common for businesses to buylarge amountsof itemsand after thatdistribute it within their own outlet stores.

The best time of day to lookatPratunammarketplace isright afterlunch break. Numerousshopshere close by 3pm, so anyonecanhavea betterbargainif you approach them at approximately this time. Considering that the place is reallylarge, having anoutdoor and indoorplace, you might takea couple of dayschoosing theretailerswhichappeal to your interestto revisitlater on. It is best toask for a name card and havesome sort of organizational system as a way to relocate the shops you liked.

Most of theshopsare usually open at odd hours though the market claims to be open 24 hours. It’s always best to dress comfortably for avisit toPratunamas itcould getreallywarm. But don’t be worried aboutneeding tocarryall thegoods you’ve bought. Severalshopsright here can wrap andsendthe productsyou gotright to your hotel or to thedesired address. Another choiceis to useone of the many shipping agents found in the region.


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