Reasons to enjoy a visit to Peshawar

Peshawar also known as Pekhawar, is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is situated in a large valley near the eastern end of the Khyber Pass close to Pak-Afghanistan border. Known as “City of Frontier”, the strategic location of city has made it one of the most culturally vibrant and lively cities in the greater region. Over the years it has evolved into one of Pakistan’s most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities. It is the land of pathans and has a completely male dominated society where streets are scented with smells of luscious fruits, roasted meat and tobacco smoke and one can hear the rhythms of craftsmen’s hammer and horse’s hooves and visit the labyrinth streets which are intricately carved with hanging balconies add more charm and beauty to this city. If you want to enjoy all this and much more, then just fly to Peshawar by booking low fare flights from London and enjoy a visit to one of the oldest cities in the world.

During a visit to Peshawar visitors can come across various place of interest which is diverse, scenic and represents the unique spirit of city. It is a city of long ancient history and here you’ll find various historic places and buildings and the biggest tribal society in the world. The city offers its visitors various reasons to visit it some of which are:-

The Old City:- It is one of the best reasons to visit Peshawar where one can find the foot prints of many diverse civilizations. The town is full of color and spirit and one can enjoy the shouts of vendors, the mule drivers, tongas that chocked the traffic, bullock carts, shops selling variety of items, smell of delectable local delicacies and parade of different people. It will surely take you to the bygone eras and makes a contrasting atmosphere to modern cosmopolitan cities.

Jamrud Fort:- Situated 18 kilometers from Peshawar on the mouth of Khyber Pass , it is visible from a distance like an old battleship. It is built by Sikhs to mark the western edge of their empire, looks majestic with jumble of towers and loop hole walls. The fort also contains the grave of famous Sikh general Hari Singh Nalwa who died here in action against the forces of the Amir of Kabul in 1837 AD.

Khyber Pass:- Khyber Pass is one of the most famous pass of the world is just 16 kilometers from Peshawar. Throughout the history, it has been the most important gateway to the plains of South Asian subcontinent both for migration as well as for invasion. The last point tourists are allowed to go is the Michni check post. Just half an hour journey takes the visitor to the border Torkham which leads to Afghanistan. If you looking forward to visit this city then grab best discounted flights to Peshawar and enjoy your trip to this unique and spirited city.

The Peshawar Museum:-The Peshawar Museum is a wonderful place to visit as it is a reservoir of various historic treasures of art. Founded in 1907 this red brick building consists of spacious hall and three galleries which are reserved for exhibition of Ghundjara sculptures, terracotta furnishings, household objects etc. The other sections of museum covered the era of Muslims and Tribal. The museum currently has 14,101 items range from coins, manuscripts, inscriptions, weapons, jewellery, dresses, paintings etc.

Colorful Trucks:-All around Pakistan you’ll see colorful and decorated buses. It is an expression of the man and his artistic abilities and makes his truck looks as unique as possible. Peshawar has some great trucks and where you can see different kind of designs ranging from animals, birds, peoples to Islamic writings.

Qissa Khawani Bazaar:-To capture the true essence of city, do visit this bazaar which has a historical background. Qissa Khawani means the bazaar of storey tellers. In olden days this was the site of camping ground for caravans and military adventures where professional storey tellers recite the tales of war and love to throng of traders and soldiers. Visit its old inns, historical buildings, drink a cup of green tea and shop for clay or brass items.


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