Charming innovative and modern cities of Pakistan

Filled with almost 200 million people, situated at the crossroads of history, speaking nearly sixty languages, Pakistan is a land of marvelous contrasts and a dynamic place in the world today. The country has so much to offer to its curious travellers. On a holiday trip to Pakistan visitors can come across stunning architecture to world’s most incredible mountain ranges, UNESCO World Heritage sites to 6,000 years of rich history which surely fascinates them.

Make a plan and book discounted multicity flights to Pakistan and get ready for an exciting journey to endless peaks of Karakoram Mountains or wander through the Mughal capital Lahore, enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Karachi, or visit the ancient bazaars of Quetta, each city has its own distinct character and charm and is decked with amazing attractions and sights to see and explore.


Islamabad: – Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan since 1963 is the political hub of country is new capital after Karachi is a symbol of progress, innovation and modernization. It is among fastest growing urban settlement in the country which is emerging as a lovely, colorful and bustling metropolis. It is a home to many immigrants from other regions that provides it a great diversity. The architecture of city is a seamless blend of modernity and old Islamic and regional traditions. It is the greenest city of Pakistan and is also the most planned one and thus ranked as a Gamma world city in 2008. It is a home to several magnificent mosques and iconic landmarks which makes it worth visit. The city is a home to world’s largest mosque Faisal Masjid which can accommodate 15,000 people at a time. The Margallah Hills is an excellent place to enjoy hiking and caters the need of adventure enthusiasts. Best season to enjoy hiking over here is from October to April. If you want to enjoy picnics then do visit Rawal Lake, a beautiful lake located in Islamabad Park Area. No visit to Islamabad is complete without indulging in shopping. From discounted stores to big supermarkets you can find everything in bustling markets. Some must visit shopping avenues of city include Abpara shopping area, Jinnah Super Market, Kohsar Market etc. With so much to see and explore, book discounted flights to Islamabad and explore a wonderful city that will surely sooth your senses.


Lahore: – Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan is the capital of Punjab province is the cultural capital of country with rich and fabulous history of over thousand years. The rich cultural heritage and architectural history goes back over a millennium. The city has lot to offer to its guests. It is a home to country’s popular film industry known as Lollywood to well manicured Mughal Gardens, from most delicious culinary delights to happening and colorful events like Spring Flower Festival, International Theatre and Film festival the city which add even more color and vibrancy to the life of its people and its visitors. Lahore is also famous for its historical buildings among them Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Fort, Jehangir’s Tomb, Wazir Khan Mosque are among major tourist spots. The city is equally famous for its scrumptious food and is regarded as the food capital of country. People living in Lahore are very much fond of eating spice enriched food and do not compromise on the taste of food. A dedicated Food street is also functional in Lahore is full of restaurants providing exclusive food and views of historical buildings in Lahore. The city is a home to various world famous universities and colleges. National college of Arts is a place where people all over the world come to learn the modern arts. So make a plan and visit this cultural capital of Pakistan which is dazzling, extraordinary and one of the most sought after tourist destinations of country.


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