Toronto a Mix of Natural Attractions and Urban Adventure

Toronto one of the greatest cities in the world lies on the shore of Lake Ontario is consistently ranked at the top when it comes to global competitiveness, innovation, safety and quality of life. Very few cities in the world offer such a multi-sector strength, depth of talent and investment and employment opportunities in diverse fields such as banking, finance, film and television production and fashion. The city is a key to one of North America’s most vibrant regions, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that provides shelter to 4.5 million Canadians which is the cultural, entertainment and financial capital of nation. The city is also the seat of Ontario Government. Plan a visit and book flights bound to Toronto which continues to evolve and surprise, offering appealing neighborhoods and unusual attractions in town which makes it one-of-a kind destination to enjoy your holidays.

Toronto is a perfect destination for urban adventure whether hiking through Toronto’s best scenic trails or lively shopping districts or wants to enjoy the heart-warming festivals, captivating cultural events and fun attractions. So if we simply put, there’s a ton to see. With one of the biggest immigrant populations in North America, Toronto is remarkably diverse. It is one of the qualities that make Toronto full of energy and vibrant character. Whether it is day or night there is always something going on. Let’s visit, explore and enjoy some of the iconic destinations, landmarks, festivals and attractions without which the tour of city is not considered complete.

Canada’s Wonderland

A visit to Canada’s wonderland is truly amazing. It is country’s premier amusement park and is a home to the most exhilarating collection of rides both in air and in water. It is a complete fun where families with their young or small kids come and spend some leisure time. The park also debuts 2 live show, Snoopy Rocks on Ice and MTV Games’ Rock Band Live. It is indeed one-of-a kind experience that combines the thrill of a stage show along with lot of thrills of rides. So get ready as it happens every day in this exciting wonderland.

Amazing Beaches

The city of Toronto boasts some of the finest beaches in the world maintaining high standards for water quality which is verified by Blue Flag Program. Woodbine is city’s best spot for beach volleyball and is busiest of the eastern beaches. Balmy is the quietest beach and is ideal for seeking seclusion. Cherry beach is popular spot for kite-boarding and surfboarding and has a decidedly laid back atmosphere. Sugar beach is not for swimming. Here you can secure a spot under one of the signature pink umbrellas. It is one of the nicest places in Toronto to sit and watch the world go by. It is a huge bonus point if a ship docks at Redpath sugar while you are chilling out.

Toronto Island

With more than 2 million visitors each year, the Toronto Islands are one of the top attractions of city to enjoy several recreational activities and sunny weather. Ferries to the Toronto Islands leave from the Ferrydocks at 9 Queen’s Quay which is located south of Queen’s Quay between Yonge Street and Bay Street. The ferry ride itself is a great experience for its visitors and offer the most spectacular views of Toronto Skyline. You can take a break at Centrevile which is city’s premier children’s amusement park to enjoy fun-filled day at the island. Toronto Island has several islands separated by canals and waterways which is a perfect place to enjoy canoeing and kayaking. There are numerous festivals celebrated on the island in summer month. Most famous among them are International Dragon Boat Competition, Caribana Music Festival etc so that you can have a complete fun-packed journey at Toronto Island. So pack your bags and book flight tickets for travelling Toronto from London because it is one of the best journeys of your life.

The Distillery District

Don’t miss Distillery District if you want to enjoy shopping, culture and entertainment. It has more than 70 ground-floor cultural and retail establishments, Victorian-era buildings, cafes, restaurant, elegant boutiques and live performances. It is a great place where something is always going on. So just don’t miss it.


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