Sierra Leone a fast developing African country

Sierra Leone in West Africa is back on the track after a decade long civil war which ends in 2002.Since then the country has experienced a substantial economic growth and is fast developing a tourist attraction. It is predominantly a Muslim country with an influential Christian minority and is ranked as one of the most religiously tolerant nations in the world. The country also comprises sixteen ethnic groups each with its own language and custom. The country offers great potential for Eco Tourism which attracts vast number of travellers from all corners of the world. So make a plan to visit this jewel of Africa and for this book low coast flights for a trip to Sierra Leone.


Freetown is the buzzing capital, is lively by day and night is also the main commercial and business centres of country. The markets of Freetown are buzzing and have their own unique charm. At night the bustling city come alive due to local night clubs and bars. If you are in the city then you are not far away from a hot and happening entertainment spot. Some of attractions of city that you just can’t afford to miss include The Cotton Tree, Freetown Law Courts, Victoria Park, Sierra Leone Museum, The Slave Gate, and St. John’s Maroon Church etc.

Tiwai Island

It is a wildlife sanctuary and a tourist site in Sierra Leone which is run by nongovernmental organization Environmental Foundation for Africa. Spreading just 12 kilometres in area and located on the Moa River in southern province it is one of the largest inland islands in the country.

Mount Bintumani

It is the highest peak in Sierra Leone which is situated at an elevation of 1,945 meters in Loma Mountains. Its lower slopes are covered with lush rainforests which is a home to a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna is a must visit for nature lover enthusiasts.

Bird watching and fishing

Sierra Leone is no less than a paradise for bird watcher. Here you can camp in forests, prowl the peninsula and head up hills to surround yourself in fantastic areas where you can visit impressive 630 bird species across 10 nationwide bird areas and watch the most endangered and exotic species of birds.

Sierra Leone is the largest fishing ground for shrimp in West Africa and its fishing variety makes a considerable contribution to the economy. For fishing enthusiasts, Sierra Leone offers a good playground where you can see the sea from almost any point in Freetown which offers you lot of opportunities. So grab best deals on flights to Freetown to enjoy one of the fun-filled and thrilling holiday experiences of your life.

Sierra Leone’s appeal to its visitors is its people, their tradition and folk fare. Slowly and gradually people fall in love with its vibrant nightlife, process of bargaining in markets and the sort of interaction it involves.


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