Salvador a city of unparalleled attractions

Salvador is the largest city on the northeast coast of Brazil and is the capital of northeastern Brazilin state of Bahia. The city has unbounded energy and unadorned beauty that few cities can only match in the world. It is also known as Brazil’s capital of happiness due to its irresistible rhythms from every street corner, parties and dancing at outdoor parties , scintillating nightlife and exuberant carnivals which are among the best in Brazil. Foreigners may flock to Rio de Janeiro, but savvy Brazilian likes Salvador da Bahia as the best place in their country to spend the Southern Hemisphere summer.

Salvador, the capital of Bahia state is among the birthplaces of Brazilian culture and is country’s Afro-Brazilian jewel which is like a living museum of 17th and 18th century architecture and gold-laden churches. There is lot to discover and experience in the city and exploring it give you so many reasons to appreciate its beauty. Don’t wait and plan a visit to Salvador and for this book low price tickets to SSA from LON. In fact there is no other place in the world where descendants of African slaves have preserved their heritage as well as in Salvador.

From religion to music, from food to dance and from material art to tradition, Salvador is a great place to enjoy your holidays.

Historic Center of Pelourinho :-It is located in the south-western corner of city and is inhabited by 3 million people is the oldest city center that served as a market place to buy and sell labour force that made Brazil famous on the world map. Pelourinho is definite focal point to every tourist visit Salvador. It has a substantial collection of baroque, churches, museums and colonial houses. One of the most impressive buildings here is Cathedral Basilica which was built in 1657 and has both main and side altars covered with gold. Another gem Igreja e Convento de São Francisco is an impressive church which has great architecture decorated with paintings, hand painted azulejos and golden elements. Almost every single corner of this historical center is decked with small restaurants, coffee, gift shops and art galleries where Afro-Brazilian elements dominate every corner.

Chapada Diamantina Park:-Far from the infamous sun-drenched coastal city of Salvador lies the 587 square-mile national park, which is a natural beauty boasting with gushing waterfalls, dramatic plateaus, idyllic rivers and enticing caves. For those seeking tranquility, history and outdoor adventure it is a true gem.

Secluded beaches:-Salvador is literally surrounded by beaches where people go to relax, cool off, chill, eat, drink, dance, surf and of course swim. Among the various scenic beaches the most alluring is Porto da Barra. The beach is set within the bay and the water is much calmer which makes it good for swimming. On weekends it gets very crowded and is a good idea to get an escape from hustle and bustle of city life. Other scenic beach is Farol da Barra. The end of the beach closest to the lighthouse is rocky with protected pools making it a good place for kids as it is safe for them. The far end of the beach is usually a great place for surfers.

Enjoy the elevator ride:- Salvador is divided into upper town and lower town and the traditional way of exploring the beauty of both is to take the Lacerda Elevator . Built in 1873, the elevator has two towers and carrying more than 900,000 people per month. From the top enjoy the panoramic views of Baía de Todos os Santos. A nominal fee is charged for this exciting ride. So hurry and grab best discount deals on flights to Salvador to enjoy one of the most memorable holidays of your life.

Merco Modelo:- Shopping is an inevitable part of any vacation and as far as Salvador is concerned do visit Mercado Modelo . Whether you are looking for clothes, homemade trinkets or musical instruments, there is no better place than this market. Stop for lunch at nearby Camafeu de Oxossi and relax for a refreshing beer and enjoy the excellent views of bay.


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