Lima a City that Delight its Visitors

Heir to ancient cultures, enrich with colonial traditions, Peru is indeed a magical country which has one of the richest biodiversities of Earth and a melting pot of different cultures. Lima the beautiful capital of Peru is a spectacular city that provides shelter to over 8 million inhabitants is dubbed as “City of Kings” is a vast metropolis which blends the splendor of colonial past with modern era. Situated on the banks of the Rimac River and on the shores of Pacific Ocean, Lima is a seat of government and is an important cultural, financial and educational center of country. The strategic location of Lima makes it a perfect starting point for travellers keen to experience Peru. So make a plan and book flights to Peru a country dotted with astonishing landscapes, imposing archaeological remains pre-Hispanic cultures and the Andean civilization.

A visit to Lima is overwhelming as there is so much great stuff that is worth exploring. The city runs at a slower pace than many South American metropolises due to its traditional rhythm and its people reflects a steadier and calmer constitution which provides it a unique identity. The city which is a home to a third of country’s population, traffic is chaotic, food is world-famous and attractions include colonial and neocolonial architecture make Lima a worth visit destination.

The Aliaga House is as old as Lima itself. Eighteen generations of Aliaga family have resided in the same mansion ever since. It has been renovated continuously is the oldest house in America depicts wide range of collection of Peruvian art and artifacts is a worth visit site which is like stepping in the layers of history. Plaza de Armas, Presidential Palace is one of Latin America’s most charming central square which is intoxicating at night, particularly the Archbishop’s Palace. See the changing of guard at 1 p.m. every day and in President House on Sundays. The Palace is open for free tours on Sundays.

In the heart of city is located the Monesterio de San Francisco, which is a small but beautiful monastery and church. Underneath the two buildings is the real attraction which is a complex network of catacombs where hundreds of people are buried. Their bones stacked more than 4 meters high and are arranged in patterns by monks that once occupied the Monastery itself. Lima also boasts abundance of museums. One of the must visit is Larco Museum which is located in the Pueblo Libre district of city. Set in 18th century it provides the comprehensive glimpses of history of Peru spanning 3000 years. Coin buffs will like to visit the Museo Numismatco of central park.


If you’ve ever wanted to try surfing, then Lima is a great place for you. Just walk down the coast of Miraflores or Barranco where you’ll definitely meet one or two salesman who quickly signs you up for surf lessons. Football fans will love Lima. At the north of Miraflores you’ll find a number of beach-side soccer fields where games take almost every day- all day long. Volleyball is also quite popular among the people of Lima. Take part in games with locals or just cheer for them is a great fun.

Peru is the gastronomic heart of South America and is a benchmark for foodies, which is further supported when Peru won the prize of “World’s leading culinary destination in 2012” at the recent World Travel Awards. So get ready and head towards Lima in September during the time of Lima’s Mistura Festival and enjoy the incredible variety of delicious culinary delights that originate from Peru.

So make a plan and book low fare flights to Lima from London a city which has everything that a traveller looking forward, to enjoy their holidays.


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