Lahore a fascinating city of cultural vividness

Lahore the capital of Pakistani province of Punjab and is the second largest city in the country is undisputed center of cultural life. On a trip to Lahore one can easily find the meaning of saying” Lahore is Lahore”. As a capital of Punjab province, the city occupies a central position and is generally called as the “Heart of Pakistan”. Situated on the banks of river Ravi, with a network of canals and aquatic arteries Lahore has coined a reputation of “Garden City”. It is a refreshing city with a healthy and pleasant climate, Lahore is a pleasant place to live, visit or enjoy your holidays. The city has witnessed turbulence, devastation, destructions, peace as well as tranquility in different period of history but it has emerged every time much stronger and bolder. It has warm and receptive people who are known for their traditional hospitality. The city has always remained important since its birth as a metropolis in eleventh century. Come and explore Lahore as Lahore has a story to tell.

Lahore is an ancient city of vividness and on a visit to this magnificent city you’ll find bustling bazaars, frantic streets, Splendid Mughal and British architecture, various opulent mosques and gardens that add even more charm to the beauty of city. The glorious history of city is imprinted on its various structures to acquaint future generations the shades of its ruling elites. Enjoy your holidays in one of the world’s most fascinating city which has something for its every visitor.

Delhi Gate:- Built by Mughal emperor Akbar, Delhi Gate is one of the most famous gates of Lahore. This gate is situated in the east and has its opening towards Delhi, the capital of Mughal dynasty. During the old time the gate was one of the busiest in Lahore and while passing through it one can visit number of havalies that will surely leave you in the state of surprise.

Sonehri Masjid:- It is also known as Golden Mosque is remarkably handsome and elegant building situated in Kashmiri Bazaar. The mosque was built by Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan in 1749 AD is among the must see places in Lahore.

Hazuri Bagh:- Situated in the main gateway of Badshahi Mosque, Hazuri Bagh was created by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It was a place where he held his court, dealt with the affairs of his kingdom and reviewed his troops march past. The pavilion has twelve arches which form an arcade and is built entirely in white marble.

Badshahi Mosque:- It is one of the most stunning pieces of Mughal architecture and is regarded as one of the largest mosque in Islamic world. The mosque was built by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The project was executed by his foster brother Fidai Khan Kuka in 1674. The mosque is praised because of its architecture, stone carvings as well as fresco paintings.

Shahi Qila:- Situated in the north west corner of Lahore, this Royal Fort or Shahi Qila is one of the masterpieces of Mughal architecture. It is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1981. One of the amazing things to see in Shahi Qila is Sheesh Mahal the beauty of mirror work really amaze the visitors. Alamgiri Gate, Naulakha pavilion, and Moti Masjid are among the other attractions of Shahi Qila.

Shalimar Garden:- It is among the top attractions of city located 8 kilometers east of Lahore. Built in 16th century by the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan it is an example of their love for life and nature. The garden has three terraces Farah Baksh, Faiz Baksh and Hayat Baksh with 105, 152 and 153 fountains respectively. The garden is a visual retreat for senses. To visit more such fascinating places plan your Lahore vacations from London now.

Food:- Besides its splendid sights , one thing for which Lahore is renowned is its great food. If you are fond of food then do visit Food Street which is situated in Gawalmandi area of Lahore. The street is decked with lots of food stalls, restaurant and eating joints where you can taste traditional Lahori food which are rich in oil and spices which make them extremely tempting.


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