Funchal –A spectacularly beautiful modern cosmopolitan city

When holidaying on Madeira, chances are that you will be staying in Funchal which has a history goes back over 5 centuries when early Portuguese settlers colonized it. The city has greatly transformed itself into a bright and sunny bay where fennel grew in abundance giving it a new name Funchal. Now a day Funchal is a modern cosmopolitan, rejuvenated city which is renowned for its stunning beauty, top class restaurants, luxurious hotels and warm year round pleasant climate. The city is renowned for its style as well as its substance and is the most developed part of island in terms of tourism. Cruise ships dock at its port on daily basis on their route between Portugal, the Canary Island and North Africa makes it one of the famous destinations to visit and enjoy your holidays.

Funchal is a forward thinking city which is both beautiful and fun- filled. The perfectly cobbled streets are in center are beautifully blended with modern cafes, restaurant , bars and shopping areas which makes the city a great blend of old and new . It is indeed an exciting and interesting place to visit and offer its visitors various amazing places to see and explore during their holidays. Get ready for all this fun and excitement and grab best deals on flight tickets to Funchal which is one of the safest and cleanest cities in Europe and a place that takes real pride in itself.

Lido Promenade

Since the opening of this new coastal promenade, the Lido area in Funchal is fast becoming a center of attraction among visitors and offers them a great leisure zone, full of modern facilities which are well appreciated by locals as well as tourists. Lined with palm fringes and bordered by splendid botanical garden, this promenade links the Lido with the pebbled Praia Formosa beach at western end of Funchal. The whole area is stunningly beautiful where you can walk, stroll, jog or just relax on one of many benches. Along the Lido Promenade there are plenty of nice restaurants giving you an opportunity to enjoy your dinner and at the same time admire amazing visuals of sunsets along with beautiful ocean.

Volcanism Centre & Caves of São Vicente

It is an amazing site that you just can’t afford to miss. The Volcanism Centre is located in São Vicente, a charming village on Madeira’s north coast. The center manages to convey culture and education to its visitors by providing those audiovisual demonstrations of volcanic eruptions due to which this island had emerged. Stroll through the beautiful gardens featuring Madeira’s endemic flora. It is truly an amazing walk where the caves are composed of a series of lava tubes, result of an eruption that happened 400 thousand years.

Amazing Museums

If you want to understand the rich cultural heritage of city, then do visit it’s amazing museums. Madeira Story Centre is a spectacular and interactive museum that allows visitors to go back in time on a virtual journey and enjoy the chronological sequence of great historic events about the island from its volcanic birth 14 million years ago to first hydroplane landing in Madeira. The museum also boasts a multifunctional panoramic terrace which is equipped with telescopes, café homes and souvenir shops with exclusive antiques and artifacts. Contemporary Art Museum is also a great place to visit. It showcases the collections of Portuguese contemporary art and it organizes various exhibitions by inviting various artists from other galleries and institutions. Sacred Art Museum, City’s Museum, Funchal’s Municipal Museum, Wine Museum are also worth visit. Sound good and interesting, then don’t delay, book low fare flights to FNC from LON and enjoy a great trip to the city which is educational, interesting and at the same time very exciting.


Every country has its own celebrated festivals and Funchal is no exception. Christmas and New Year is the great time to be in Funchal when its streets get beautifully dressed up with thousands of lights and colors. The roads outside the city put on their Christmas lamp post connected with a light chain giving the impression of a lit road map when looked from above. It is truly spectacular. Many people return here year after year to catch this spectacle and thus plan their vacations accordingly.


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