Buenos Aires an energetic, stylish and seductive capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires, the complex, energetic, seductive at the same time chaotic and frenetic is the capital and largest city of Argentina. It is the second- largest metropolitan area in South America after Sao Paulo. Stretches from south-to-north along the Rio de la Plata, the city is a gateway to Argentina for centuries and its citizens, the multinational people who are known as Portenos possess an elaborate and rich cultural identity. They value their European heritage, lifestyle and architecture and are markedly more European than any other country in South America. The city is a beautiful place to enjoy your holidays which is festooned with grandiose buildings, world-class art galleries, fine restaurants and a thriving fashion industry that attract visitors from far off places to come over here and enjoy one of the most memorable holidays of your life. So pack your bags and book flight tickets for travelling to Buenos Aires which is indeed a thrilling experience for its visitors.

There are various amazing things that attract visitors to this great cosmopolitan city of Latin America. It is not a city to visit, but a city to experience. Whether visiting it for three days or three months, take time to live like Portenos so that you can feel the essence of this amazing city. On a visit be sure to visit the sites which have great historical importance, watch a cheesy tango show , spend hours in coffee shops and the world go by, cheer along with fanatics at a football game or indulge in partying with BA’s carefree and beautiful young crowd. This is how you get into the skin of an utterly wonderful and beguiling city which is unpredictable, sometimes frustrating but more often a thrilling city to visit where you never know what’s around the next corner. All this make it an adorable city which is full of fun-filled surprises.

Cheap & Safe

Buenos Aires has all the features of a major city in Europe; great shopping, scintillating nightlife, architectural sites of historical importance, magnificent museums and art galleries etc but it is cheap as compared to many other great cities in the world and thus you can pretty much travel anywhere for absolutely nothing. It is much safe as compared to many other major cities. Streets are well signed and you can easily found in-expansive taxis on almost any street at anytime of the day or night.
Street Art

One thing that will surely amaze the visitors of city is its amazing street art . It is a public art to be enjoyed. On the streets of Buenos Aires you will find many artists tagging buildings in daytime. Definitely not to be missed if you are a street art aficionado.


The city of Buenos Aires has quickly emerged as the one of the fashion capitals of the world. Take a stroll down the Avenida Seant Fe and enjoy the trendiest, cutting edge designer’s work from the fashion world. Head over to Avenida Alvear for international luxury brands. So make a plan and catch flights for holidays in Buenos Aires from London and enjoy some great moments of your life.

Sip a cup of tea

Don’t forget to taste mate tea, which is Argentina’s national drink. The bitter tasting mate tea is an infusion of the yerba plant. It is very common to see groups of family and friends holding mate equipment a decorated gourd, a metal straw and a hot water flask in the parks and gardens of city. Give it a try at folk music venue La Peña del Colorado, where it is served after performance.

Everything is late here

The city is buzzing and there are people everywhere every day , and night, of the week. Dinner does not start before 9 am and parties start after 12 am. It is not a place where you wake up early to catch the glimpses of sunrises but it is a city where you are still partying when the sun is coming up.

Festival Fever

Argentina is a country that is never shy to celebrate whatever the occasion may be. The city is a host to some of the grandest festivals in the world. Among them Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film (BAFICI), Fashion Buenos Aires, La Rural are few of the major crowd pullers.


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