American Samoa an unparalleled beauty of diverse culture

American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States in the central Pacific Ocean. It is a part of Samoan Island chain where one can see the sights and hear the sounds of unspoiled natural beauty of Polynesian life and Samoan culture. It is no less than a tropical paradise situated halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. The island country is a beautiful example of culture and people that over the years have shaped up its diverse structure which is both traditional and modern. It is a vastly underrated tropical destination that will surely delight your senses with its magnificent mountain ridges, traditional villages, peaceful bays and some of the world’s most alluring and utterly beautiful reefs and beaches. Make your travel plans by booking low price air tickets to American Samoa and enjoy its panoramic beauty which is beyond description.

Pogo Pogo:- Pogo Pgo is the port and administrative capital of American Samoa which is on the island of Tutuila. Tutuila accounts for more than two-thirds of the total area and is the largest island of country. It is a city of panoramic beauty where the spectacular peaks crowding around the deepwater harbour, where palm–fringed beaches are more beautiful than imagination, people encourage you to sing along to their favorite tunes on crowded island buses and spinning out traditional stories on long humid evenings. The whole atmosphere is so engrossing that suddenly takes you in a new world of beauty and imagination. From the moment you hop off the plane you’ll realize that this holiday experience is going to be one of the best for your whole life. The beaches are beautiful and not overcrowded. The people are friendly and are ready to welcome you with open arms and dining out is a hardest choice to be made as the city has a huge variety of elegant café, restaurants and bars. Exploring the island makes you feel that you are on an adventure trip and you wish that this trip never comes to an end.

Tutuila:-The main island of Tutuila of volcanic origin boasts a superb rain forest which has a well preserved 400,000 hectares national park where one can enjoy walking along pleasant hiking paths. It is one of the South Pacific’s most dramatically beautiful islands where one can enjoy an eyeful of gorgeous scenery.

Ofu Beach:- Do visit Ofu beach and make underwater friends as the beach is a home to more than 300 species of fish and moreover is deep enough to offer excellent diving experience. The sheer beauty of this curve of sand and the relative emptiness of its shores makes it one of the best beaches in the world. Its pink soft sand is perfect for strolling and its protected water is a home to thriving coral reefs.

Visit Fagotogo public market:- It is the main business and government center of territory next to Pogo Pogo. The Fagotogo public market is a great place to enjoy your evening especially on a busy Saturday morning. The island is famous for producing veggies, tropical food, fish and local handicrafts. Why wait when sheer abundance of beauty will takes you to new heights. So make a plan and catch flights to Pogo Pogo and enjoy one of the adventurous trips of your life.

Mt. Alava:- If you are a hiker then don’t miss the best hikes to TV transmission tower which is at the height of 448 meters at Mt. Alava . The hikes take one through the beautiful rain forested hills of National Park of American Samoa.

Robert Connor is an avid traveler who has extensively travelled American Samoa and here he is sharing his experience with you about its major attractions. He has an extensive knowledge about cheap flights to American Samoa that he shares with you.


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