Afghanistan a Country of Breathtaking Sights and Attractions

Afghanistan which literally means the “Land of Afghans” is a mountainous land-locked country located in Central Asia with a glorious history and culture that dates back over 5000 years. Unfortunately many years of war had shattered the or nearly destroyed this beautiful country. But today the country is back on its feet and on the path of recovery. The economy of country is still in ruins and environment is in the state of crises but with a hope of better tomorrow. Travel to Afghanistan can be a distinct experience because a visit to this country is safe as well as comfortable. So avail discounts on flights to Afghanistan and enjoy one of the unique experiences of your life.

Afghanistan as a country is a loosely knit conglomeration of number of ethnic groups each has its own unique identity and own way of living which is defined by an unwritten code. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and for centuries is an important trade and cultural center of country situated on the banks of River Kabul. Situated at an elevation of about 1,800 meters above the sea level Kabul is one of the highest capital cities in the world that provides shelter to about one million people. So if you are dreaming a thrilling trip full of great surprises then Kabul awaits you and will surely take your breath away.

As a contrary to what the most people expect from Kabul, you will be seeing less of desert and more of a breathtaking scenario. Some major attractions of city that you must visit on enjoying a holiday trip to Kabul include Babar Garden, a significant place among locals as well as tourists where the great Mughal emperor Babar was buried .Do visit Kuh-e Darwaza, where tall ancient city walls were built centuries ago and the Shor Bazaar which is one of the oldest bird market of country. Other attractions of Kabul that surely fascinates you are Noor Cannon, Mausolem of Timur Shah, Kabul Museum and the Shahdo-Shamshira Mosque.

If you are tired of enjoying the long and hectic tour of city then do taste the refreshing array of cuisines made up of hot and tangy spices. Taste the world famous bread which is known as Naan which is a perfect soup mate and savor the homemade wine and some unique mixed fruit drinks. So don’t wait catch low fare flights bound to Kabul and enjoy a journey full of adventure and thrill.

Afghanistan has been under various religious, political and social influences in the past which is clearly evident in its glorious history, festivals, and places of interest. Its colorful history has strains of Hindu and Buddhist influences, while Islamic impact has remained dominant. If you want to capture the true cultural essence of Afghanistan then do visit this mesmeric country during the time of its various fair and festivals. It is an Islamic country and thus various Muslim festivals are celebrated over here. Among all of them Eid Al Fitr is the most important festival of country. The whole month of Ramadan is considered to be the month of sacrifice and purity. New Year is celebrated as Nowroz on the first day of spring according to Afghan solar Calendar. Mawlud-un-Nabi and Lailat-UL-Qadr are also among the celebrated festivals of the country.


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