Adventure options in Sri Lanka

Despite its small size, Sri Lanka keeps attracting tourists with its multi dimensional personality. Perhaps this small wonder in the Indian Ocean hates to be type casted. This small-sized-big-hearted country amazes tourists with silver beaches, lofty heals, temples, tea, timeless ruins and thrilling adventure options. And the list doesn’t end here. Attracted by its aura nomadic souls often search for flights to Sri Lanka where wonders and tantalizing delicacies are waiting for your arrival.

The country has also made quite a reputation as a destination of repute and invites brave hearts from around the world to explore its gut testing adventure options.
Gut testing options in Sri Lanka

Canoeing and Kayaking

The country of Sri Lanka offers great options of Canoeing and Kayaking. The country with 103 rivers, swamps, lagoons and canals, offers enough options of Canoeing and Kayaking. The tourists should take a leisurely canoe trip down Kalu Ganga for an authentic experience.

White Water Rafting

Sri Lanka also offers amazing options for white water rafting. Here the tourists can have an exciting white water rafting experience at the Kelani River. Tourists can go to Kitulgala in the hill country which is jumping off point for several white water rafting tours.

Hiking and Trekking

The island country of Sri Lanka throws plethora of options to hikers as the country is home to geographically diverse terrain. The interested hikers should visit Belihuloya, which is situated in the hill country of Sri Lanka and acts as a jumping off point for many tours.

Rock Climbing

The country known for its stunning beauty also offers great options of rock climbing. Those interested in rock climbing should go to the Knuckles Mountain Range which is situated 160 kilometres from the city of Colombo.

Apart from these adventurous options, the country is also well known for its great hospitality and amazing culture that prods tourists to take cheap flights to Colombo to explore this country better.


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